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Hi Folks

I am using this today as a reminder – a short reminder but one that I need and I guess I think others need as well, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it here

Sometimes we have to work twice as hard to get the results that we want, it often can feel like we are pushing the proverbial up hill, you know two steps forwards one step back and then a quadruple time rest period before we can take two steps up again.
We shovel away and shovel away and yet the pile gets no smaller, or so we think.
Yet when we look back, we can see that progress has been made.

And what I love about pushing the proverbial up hill is that the higher we get the further we can see and the further we can see the more prepared we can be.
It is all about being prepared, planning for what comes ahead.

When in the forest we cannot see the forest for the trees (Full of cliches today) and it can seem insurmountable that every turn we take we are faced with another tree, yet we start at that point to find our way out, and the more we take stock and start to think, rather than react, the quicker we start to see results.

Eventually we are able to actually see the forest, and then if we start climbing to greater heights we start to see beyond and then we can start to predict where we want to go and what obstacle may be in the way.

When we are planning a business, rather than just blunder in, I will buy a script and open shop, plan what you want to do and where you want to go.

It takes a good couple of years before a sustainable business starts to show rewards and a good 5 years before you can take stock again and look at further expansion.

If you try to rush these things too quickly then you will feel an immediate rush but then the graph starts to point downwards, you may become disillusioned and pack it all in before you have given it a chance.

Don’t be the one that starts and stops, starts and stops etc. Stick with it and find your feet, you will be able to push that (Proverbial) uphill with confidence with no slipping 😊

So in any business venture, be it a website, physical premises, Email List building or just affiliate promotion, Stick with the plan that you make from the very beginning and understand that the plan you have is for a long term sustainable future.

After all if you want to be that person that only has to work a few hours a week, then you need to have a business plan that can sustain that, which means a business plan for the future and not for the now.

Economic Rationalism made our world a short term reality, be the force of change and create a long term future.

*** Remember if you are really looking for a helping hand to developing your business, then there is no better choice than to follow the programs that others have used and continue to use Try it out here ***

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This is really great write up

Hi @dty thanks for he reply and upvote

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Those are some really great advice @russellstockley, make a long term plan of where you want to go, and make sure that the plan is on target, and then follow the plan, stay awesome.

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hi @thisisawesome, thanks for the upvote and the reply, nice to engage :)

Thanks @russellstockley, and keep up your awesome creativity.

Great advice. Thanks and hope people listen :)

Hi Bradley its great that you reply to posts, much appreciated :)