Keeping it Clean and Keeping it Seen

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You have designed that great splash Page, its dynamic, its colorful, it’s just what you want, but is it what they want.
There are some very simple rules that will help you with your design that will help them come on board

Most users can make a judgment within the first four seconds of the loading page, which means it’s crucial to satisfy their needs quickly. If information is not presented in a clear and concise manner on your page, they will abandon it.

Block your information in your design, say one thing here and reinforce it there, allow the information on your page to have a start and an end however chunk it, however allow some information to creep over so there is a flow on effect, sweep your blocks slightly so one section leads into another so the viewer can read or look at one bit and then move to the next bit, that is used to reinforce the last, this is storytelling and will engage your audience to the end.

Using color in your design can set the whole tone for what you are wanting your audience to think. Use color tones that you know are going to be pleasing to the eye, don’t overuse colors lest you drive your audience away like Garlic to a Vampire. Usually 2 colors and a maximum of 3 will have a retention rate. Always use the same color tones as the product you may be advertising, allow a consistency from one to the next.
Creating a visual unity can help to define tone and mood, and add personality to your page which creates an emotional impact that can become personal to the viewer?

Include clear and distinct headings to help users easily scan the page and grab the most important information
Use bullet points as much as possible,
Avoid big blocks of text
Use lists to tell users about several items, instead of over explaining each one,
Add an images and/or illustration to your page
Use a plain background so the content of your message stands out
Don’t centre your text
Use a clean crisp font that even the most visually challenged can read

By enabling your viewers to find the information, they will be more inclined to stay and even take action.

It only takes one misguided message, that could be font, Typeface and/or even size or lack of information to drive users away.

And my final pet peeve for a splash page, Capture page is – do not take it below the fold, this means if the viewer has to scroll down to read more information they are likely to not do so.
Scrolling down is ok when presenting a marketing page, but a Splash/Capture page is designed to capture your audience in one swoop and get them asking for more, which is when the marketing page comes into its own.

Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it Fresh and keep it seen

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Great post Russell! I like how you put this up and the good interesting question is indeed, will they like it...? Thx for sharing your toughts and ideas about this. Much success and Respect. -Sig

Hi Sig,
I enjoy the sharing of information, I am only one opinion though :)

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Love those Badges, Whoda Thought , lol

Really great advice @russellstockley, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

Hi @flaxz, thanks for the encouragement


Great tips! After all, splash pages (or LCPs) work like ads, not blog posts. Attention and interest must be earned. 🙂

"Most users can make a judgment within the first four seconds of the loading page" reminds me of cases where 4 seconds aren't enough for a page to load. 😄

Hi @sabrinferno - nice to have your support, and yes, too many people create pages with too higher graphics, fancy animations and they just dont load in the time span most microwavers have

Fantastic advice!

Great ideas and a frame work for building sites up!

Always grateful for your support :) @clicktrackprofit

Great post I agree with the part were you say dont take it below the fold. I want to see all the information right there without scrolling down the page

@howyf2 Below the fold for capture pages, is a real downer for me

This is just such great advice @russellstockley, using this will surely get the intended results, keeping the perspective of the prospective opt-in in mind is really very important, it's awesome.

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