My Goals for 2020

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Big shout out to @flaxz for his inspirational post

Setting your goals for 2020 is a very important aspect of being able to move forwards and progress, not only in your personal life but also in your business life

So in response to the post I am going to list my top 3 goals in my Personal life and also in my business life

First my personal life

  1. One of my main goals in my life has been to spend as much time with my family and loved ones as I can. Over the past year I lost 2 brothers and realised that because of the distance in miles that I have from my immediate family I was not able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked. As a result of this I have a resolve that I will not be letting Kilometres prevent me rom doing what I count as a very important factor of my life and will be making sure that I travel to see my Mother and sister at least 3 time in 2020. After all my mother is 89, very fit and active, but the reality of age is hitting home and I do want to connect far more. I also have a go0al to Video call her every week as well as engaging daily with her over the phone.
  2. another very important factor in my life is that of staying fit, healthy and active, I have been going to the gym now on a very regular basis and I have a goal of going to the Gym everyday tin 2020. Spending that 1 hour every morning at 5am before the rest of the day starts sets me up as a winner already and energises me for the day ahead. This level of activity is fantastic for the Mind and the Body.
  3. This year I have a goal of actually having a Holiday, In discussion with my partner we have realised that we have not really ever had a holiday, when ever we have time off it is usually spent visiting kids, grand kids, taking care of other peoples needs etc. So this year we have a goal of spending some time for ourselves and be self-indulgent and go overseas to a remote location and just be.

My Business Goals for 2020

  1. To improve the service, I offer my customers. I am a website owner and one of my primary goals is to make the experience that my customers have a much better one. One that they can feel good about having and one that they will always want to return to.
  2. I have in the pipeline another online business (not a TE or Mailer or any of those type of Affiliate programs) which I started in late 2019 and have a goal that I will finalise this business and have a goal to make sure that the business is bringing in a certain level of income by December 2020
  3. Since moving my extensive list over to Traffic Wave, there has been a substantial cull, which was needed and not regretted. However, I have a goal this year of building my list back up to the numbers it was prior to the move. This will not be a hard task but a consistent task. And is very do-able provided I work for it every day.

Setting goals for your life and your business is a very positive action and if anything, you should have the goal to set goals.

These are just a few goals that I have for 2020 and I am already knocking some of mine out of the ballpark so am very energised for the days and months ahead.

As @flaxz says, What are your Goals


Great and very inspiring goals Russell, and yes writing them down makes them more substaintial and we hold ourselves better accountable when shared with others, I wish you all the best of luck reaching your goals, and I am confident you will do your best reaching them, 50 CTP tokens will go your way very soon.