My journey as an affiliate marketer started as a site owner

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Way back in 2002 I stated a Paid to Click site called Clicks for Pay – this was actually quite a successful site and in the first year saw a growth up to 22,000 members. One thing this site taught me was that the majority of people were all about penny clicking and getting something for nothing, I did find this a hard to take journey but persisted with this site for 8 years. It was paying for itself and some, so there was no loss made only profit. However, the mentality of PTC Users became just a tad too much and I sadly closed the site in 2012.

Then one day in 2008 I was looking for places to promote my site, I had previously been designing and developing websites and had come across a few Traffic exchanges that I had used to promote sites, but hadn’t really taken them too seriously, so when I was looking again I came across a site called fairtradetraffic run by Kurt, who was a really committed and responsive owner. I really enjoyed using this site and immediately thought, yep I want one of them, I purchased a Ventrino script (Fair Trade was on Ventrino) and was born. This was in 2008 and Xchangetraffis is still going strong, although it is now on an LFMTE script.

In 2010 I discovered a site called clicktrackprofit and became very active in the programs and training that this site offered, I decided at that time to launch another Traffic Exchange and cupoftrarffic was created.

That’s when the joining of other Traffic Exchanges snowballed and I became a member of many many sites, upgraded in many and started seeing commissions coming in. The community was very vibrant, and people were very prepared to upgrade in sites and it became quite a prosperous little community.

Cupoftraffic has paid out in excess of $4,000 in commissions to its members since it was created, and this is a testament to the value that people place on affiliate income and residual commissions.

Of course, like most people, I have dabbled in this and dabbled in that, I have made commissions from multiple sources and have squandered many dollars on what seemed to be good programs at the time and demonstrated to not be.

I have upgraded in many sites that have come and gone and will still upgrade in sites that I believe are enjoyable to use, deliver great results and are sites that I believe others should use.

If you don’t believe in the site, then don’t upgrade, and don’t promote, because the pennies that you will get will never amount to a commission payout.

If you are genuine about a site, then upgrade, believe in it, promote it and promote the benefits it has had for you, promote the benefits it can have for others and you will start to see results for your advertising efforts. You will start to bring in members under you, they will upgrade because you have used you as an example, and you will start to receive commissions.

Paypal, which was the mainstay for just about everybody, did a turn around and pulled the accounts of anybody associated with an affiliate program. I personally lost 2 accounts as a program owner and just recently had an account closed because I received $29 from another owner as a commission payment.

Owners and users alike have been searching for valid payment processors so that they can kick off again. With the introduction of crypto currencies and the ability to direct pay with credit cards and the soon to be payments using CTP tokens is an absolute bonus and will, I believe, start the ball rolling for many oldies and newbies to really start earning from their affiliate programs.

I recommend that you give affiliate marketing a go, stick with it, decide on a handful of programs that you really believe in and stay the course, promote them today and stay promoting them ten years into the future. They will, if you believe in them, become profitable programs for you as your business.

I would also like to add - that it is essential to start building your list, after all you are the product storefront and you can sell your products to a captive audience.

Besides my main two sites, which I use as a personal promotion tool, as well as providing great value to my site members, I also place a lot of focus on building my lists and promoting what works for me through those lists. This has been a very productive and profitable process and am fortunate to have been building lists for over 10 years now.

Below are the links to my websites a coupe I really think that if you are serious about affiliate marketing should join and a link to my list as well as a link to a really great autoresponder which I highly recommend

PS: Here is me working in my Office

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It was very interesting and enjoyable to read about your story and journey as an affiliate marketer and as an owner @russellstockley, and great advice about building a list, that is just so important to succeed, and I really like your office lol, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

It has therefore got a manual 100% upvote from @thisisawesome, for the Awesome Daily Upvotes in category CTPtalk, I give out 1 such vote in that category per day, plus 3 more in other categories, and your post will also be featured in todays Awesome Daily report for more visibility.

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Big thumbs up to @thisisawesome, because ya know I think your awesome, :)

Thank you very much @russellstockley, and keep on creating awesome content.

Thank you for sharing your story about your business successes. I am a member of both of your TE's


I like how you explained your business in a non-salesy way. It was nice to learn more about you.

Thank you for creating two amazing te's!

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Hi @techbizgeek , thanks for the upvote and comment, I enjoy my online business and have fun with it every day :)

This is one awesome presentation of your businesses... I like it!
Thanks for sharing it with us and I will check your programs and bookmark them :)

Hi @ph1102 - Thanks for the comment, nice to know that you read my ramblings :)

It's nice to read about your story. I liked FairTradeTraffic then too. I used to run a traffic exchange site as well, but eventually let it go. Keep up the great work! ^_^

Hi @iamraincrystal - Fair Trade was a great exchange, Kurt did a great job and I was sad to see it go

Thanks for sharing your journey. It is always interesting and instructive to learn how people got from one place to another.

Hello @fiberfrau - Yes it is always great to read others stories. I enjoy reading what people have to say

Awesome blog Russell, thanks for sharing your path to success. Xchange Traffic and Cup of Traffic are great TEs, and I use them both for my promos.

Glad to have you as our Team Leader in CTP, and I can't wait for the team season to start.

Thanks for sharing your journey as an affiliate owner of sites good inspiration