Offering Free Credits :)

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I am offering some Free Credits to members of Cup Of Traffic

All you have to do is write down in the comments below
What the topic of my last Newsletter was and how many mistakes did you see in the email body :)

Include your Cup of Traffic username

That's all Folks


oh, if you are not a member of Cup Of Traffic then Click to join

and the mailing list is

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Last newsletter i got was called Touching Base and I seen 3 spelling mistakes. Cup of traffic user name howyf

Hi Howard, thanks for taking part and engaging in this post

500 Credits will be added to your COT Account

I love me some Cuppa credits ;)

Touching Base was the title of the email.

Username is jonolson

G'day Jon, thanks for taking part in this engagement

500 Credits will be added to your COT Account

Awesome man , thank you very much!

wow what an offer Russell! Touching base is the last one I have seen and my user name is henry

Hi Eric, thanks for taking part and engaging in this post

500 Credits will be added to your COT Account

Thank you Russell

Hi Russell,

The topic of your last "Programs that Work" network newsletter was "Touching Base" and I counted 8 errors, beginning with the lower case i for "I" in the second paragraph and ending with "freferral" in the last paragraph.

I didn't count the double ending - Have a fantastic day x 2 LOL!, or the lowercase "f" for "Facebook".

It's a great idea to include some deliferate mistales in your newsletter and then run a competition like this!

As a result, I will respond to your request in the newsletter...

Hello David,
Thanks for the very keen eye on my Newsletter :)

I learnt from a Radio Host quite some years ago , that if you want to know if your audience is paying attention give them a mistake, they will soon let you know they are there.

1000 Credits will be added to your COT Account

Thanks, Russell!

I found 7 mistakes--one capitalization and 6 misspellings. Topic was CTP webinars.

Good afternoon Kimberly - Thanks for reading the Newsletter and giving it a scrutineers eye :)

500 Credits will be added to your account

Well, it's still in the inbox... "Touching Base" was the subject of your last email... ;) and you had over 10 mistakes... lol... 🤣

username: ph1102

Hi Zoltan - thanks for reading Newsletter and engaging here :)

1000 Credits will be added to Your COT Account

Thanks for the credits! I enjoyed searching for typos in your newsletter... 🤣

The subject heading for your last newsletter was Touching Base! I counted 8 errors and my Cup of Traffic username is: lisamgentile

Good afternoon Lisa - Thanks for participating - you are on my numbers :)
1000 Credits will be added to your COT Account

In my family there's a inside joke that we call an idiot a person with many ideas! So you sir, with all due respect, you are an idiot lol :)

Well last email I received from you was called "Touching Base" from the "Programs That Work" Newsletter and was an email to check on your subscribers and let them know about the CTP Webinars!
By the way, congrats on your Jackpot win :)

About the mistakes...If counted with punctuation, which I'm not an expert since it's not my main language, but anyway I counted 25 mistakes! LOL
I deserve extra credits if I'm counting too much ahaha
username: elianaicgomes

Hello Eliana , lol, phew, punctuations as well :) lol,

maybe you should take a side hustle as a proof reader :)

Congrats , I will be adding 1000 credits to your COT Account :)

Yay thank you so much! Lol already have a lot in my hands for now ahaha

I will be tallying all the responses a little later today 20-05-2020 - those that responded will get 500 credits and those that got the answer correct or more than correct lol will get an extra 500 credits :)