Positive productive precision make our predictive positions postulate

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Because of some of the experiences myself and my partner have had in life, today we were invited to talk to a cohort of 60 post grad medical students about one of those experiences.

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by an environment that places us in these sorts of scenarios as well as being articulate enough to pull them off.

So our talk only went for just over an hour but we managed to keep it engaging, relevant and for some who expressed, Cathartic.

We were able to bring the subjective into an objective realm that hopefully opened up the eyes of many and in fact was expressed to us that it had done so.

We were able to share with them a story of Pain, courage determination and above all else a great sense of Teamwork.
Team work is certainly nothing new to anyone reading this, after all, you write others read and others support, that is a team effort.

Team efforts are the mainstay of any great forward direction, they are what allow the world to turn and they are what make your business one that will grow and become what people are after.

The moment we decide that what we do can only be done by ourselves then that’s the moment we close our eyes to being able to develop into a far more inclusive action. That’s the moment we make the decision that we have no more to learn and that what we are doing is the be all and end all of what can be done. That is the moment we have decided we do not want to carry our business into the future.

So who are the team? I have mentioned it before but will mention again. Our team is everyone that we deal with I relation to the subject matter at hand. Sometimes a Team member is an idea, a notion, a somewhat divorced concept that starts to shape and mold into something that can be applied. A team member is an individual, a group, anyone that has some contribution, be it positive or negative, to what is taking place. A team member is your customer, your suppliers, you, your partner, the man or woman in the street that just has something to say. The Poster on the shopping centre wall, the things we encounter on a daily basis are all there to inform and therefore become part of your team.

We see this because we open our eyes, our ears and our minds to accepting all that comes our way as an information source that can be applied.

Now in our talk today we reiterated to these future doctors that what is required is a broader knowledge and understanding that a more holistic approach to their diagnostic skills is far more beneficial, after all the context of content is what really gives us the complete picture and this will then allow us to make more informed, compassionate and empathetic decisions about which direction to go next.

IF we do not take in all that is presented to us then simple things can get missed that change the whole structure and perception of what is really there.

So enter your world with your eyes, ears and minds open, there is so much team work out there that is all designed to give us positive productive precision to make our predictive positions postulate.

So embrace the team, don’t be a victim to your own designs, allow the world to inform and share and your business will do likewise.

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Oh, man... Every your post opens a couple o ideas in my head for my future actions.
Please don't stop with your creations... :)

Thanks a lot for being here!

Hi @ph1102 - Thanks for the reply and glad that you get something out of my muses lol ,

I love your style Russell! Keep up the great content. Always inspires me when I read your posts.

Perhaps Steem has become your new Cup Of Traffic? In that case, may your cup runneth over, my friend across the ditch.

thanks @ianballantine :) always good to reciprocate I love a good waffle, especially with Ice Cream :)

Great emphasize on team Russell, that is a very important concept, Together Everyone Achieves More, and very important in any business endeavour as well as the doctors that you talked to, and you wrote in a very peotic way, just the rhyme's missing.

Hi @flaxz - team is very important in every day life, we could not exist if it wasn't for team, even buying our food at grocery stores is team work, as is having a hot shower :)


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