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You have a sparkly new Autoresponder account and you are wondering what do I do first.

Well the first thing to do is, have a look around, go to the FAQ section and do some reading,

Once you have had enough of the dreaded Manuals that we never read, and you are chomping at the bit to get your teeth into it. Its time to start playing 😊

You first need to create a Campaign.
Think about what you want to call it, with some Autoresponders this is fixed, once named, that’s it, its named and you cannot change it later. Well there are ways and means to rename something but it’s not a straightforward process. So, think about it and give the Campaign a name that represents what it is you are promoting. Whether that be You, a product, a program or even training sessions.

EG: if you are going to use your list for promoting Traffic Exchanges and its you promoting it, call it something like RussellsTENews. You get the drift. Make sure that the name represents what it is you are promoting.

Branding is everything - Create Your Series
Once you have set up the campaign, you can start to create a series of Emails that you want to initially send out to your Subscribers. After all an Auto Responder is not Auto if you haven’t created a series to send.
All Autoresponders will allow you to set up a base template for your campaign, so create a template, with a possible image header, that way when you enter a new email for the campaign you can just select the Template and you create a consistency in look and feel.

If you struggle to write emails, then you can get some great ideas out there on the interweb for creating a series of emails to send. If you know what you would like to say and cannot quite figure out what to write (Not everyone is good at writing an email series) you can find someone that is able to write for you. Even using the Fiverr service is a great option. Just give the basics and let someone else’s wordsmithing fill in the blanks for you.

Bring Them in
Once you have a series set up you then need to create a Lead Capture Page. – Again, if you are not good at creating great looking pages, then employ someone who is. Once again Fiverr is a great place to get people to do work for you for very little cost.

I do though recommend that you have an attempt at creating an email series and Lead capture pages yourself, as I believe everyone has the capacity, it is just trial and error.

Get It Out There
Once you have set up your series and created your Lead Capture pages you are ready to start building your list. Start promoting your Lead Capture pages wherever you can and watch those subscribers come in.

What is written above is just Basic outline stuff. Of course, there is a lot of refinement that can happen to increase your desirability, such as creating custom confirmation pages and thankyou pages so when someone subscribes, they are taken to a branded page instead of the default page that your Autoresponder provides.

Creating a capture Magnet, such as a Free E Book, Bonus gifts that you can provide to your subscribers for subscribing.

Whatever you are offering make sure that you generate some level of reciprocality from your subscribers, invite them to be a part of your great community.

Enjoy your New Toy :)

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The more post like this one the more it will start to really sink in to people that list building needs to be part of their daily activity.

Last week I was so occupied with CTPtalk post and curating, that I didn't invest any of my time in learning about aff. marketing... I have to sort out my things and start doing something in that field...

Thanks for your great tips...

That is really great and important advice @russellstockley, it's not rocket science to setup an autoresponder series, but it needs to be done, and a kick in the butt to get things going every now and then is always a good thing, stay awesome.

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Thank you for your post about autoresponders I like the steps in how to use it in this post