Short and Sweet #10 - Inner Circles and Beyond

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I read a post by @jongolson yesterday where he talks about engaging with different Tribes/Communities in the Steem Blockchain as a way of expanding your audience and increasing your effectiveness.

Sound advice

The same goes for how you promote your business. As an Affiliate marketer, List Builder, Program Owner. Be mindful of where you promote.

Eg: if you are building a list based on a certain program then it is a little pointless to be promoting it in that program, People are already a member.

Look for out of the loop places to promote, work at getting an audience that isn’t necessarily involved in the program you are promoting.

I wouldn’t promote my own sites at my own sites. In fact, I wouldn’t promote them at all, directly.

When building your lists make sure that you are broadening your horizons. There are many programs out there that are good promotional opportunities that are outside the square box that we often find ourselves amongst.

Those of us in Click Track Profit often make the mistake of promoting our opportunities to sites that have an affiliation with Click Track Profit and often what’s getting promoted are those sites and opportunities that we are a part of, because of Click Track Profit. Think about it, the audience is already a part of the opportunities you promote. Look further afield.

When I first started in online business, I started to promote at just about every opportunity to do so that I could. I still do, however most of my promotions are outside of the inner circle of the community I am already a part of.

Our inner circle is a great community and a safe place to get feedback from about our promotional endeavours, use it for such, that, after all, is why the Gauntlet should be a much-used resource within Click Track Profit, so that our safe inner circle can feed back to us before we venture into the big wide world that is out there.

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*** Remember if you are really looking for a helping hand to developing your business, then there is no better choice than to follow the programs that others have used and continue to use Try it out here ***

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Hi @russellstockley. You are 100% correct in your analysis of @jongolson's post. After 30 days of joining Steem and the CTPTalk Tribe, I started venturing out finding new Tribes and places to post my writings. I've been creating content on this for several months now in my CTP reports the Tribes I've found for my fictional writing.

If you want fresh eyes, we all have to move out of the CTPTalk Tribe. I've found new individuals who follow me now, and they are introduced to the CTPTalk Tribe from my posts.

I ventured into curation of other Tribes and have met some amazing people and content creators.

Have a great day.

This is really great advice @russellstockley, if you promote CTP to CTP members you are just preaching to the choire, and that is a waste of time and money, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Good stuff Russell! Just placing stuff does not automatically mean results. It's where you place it. Do you put a plate of meat in front of an animal who is stuffed? No, find the hungry lions!

Good advice! I hope it helps many.
I found your post because @justclickindiva featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation contest. Keep up the great work!