Short and Sweet #14 - What Works for Me

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I would like to describe to you a typical day in my marketing endeavours.

It starts when I awaken at 5am every morning. One of the main things I do is to look after myself first.

I do this by going to my local gym and energising myself by having a workout. This does 2 things for me (well probably more, but I will list 2)

  1. It energises me for the day and gets the oxygen flowing through my body. This allows me to think clearer and to give time and energy to any ideas that I might have.
  2. By 6.30am every morning I am already a winner, my mindset is positive, and I am ready to go for the day ahead.

I am a list keeper; I make up lists of Goals and the tasks needed to achieve those goals. I create a list of goals for the year. I then break it down to a six-monthly goal list, a Monthly goal list and then I create a weekly goal list which I then break down into daily goals.

I create these goal lists in a spreadsheet, I then break this down into tasks to achieve the goals and I break it down into daily tasks.

My main goal is Greater engagement and greater information sharing – within this are the practical goals of X number of members signing up for my sites and my lists and X amount of sales and X amount of engagements (this last part comes quite naturally for me).

I then break this down into tasks which need to very manageable actions that can be achieved every day.

Always be mindful of making realistic goals, push the boundary a little, but remember if you set impossible goals then you will become disheartened if they do not come to fruition.

If you succeed with the goals, you have set, ahead of time then you can always revise and value add to them.
Remember that goals are not set in concrete and can be adjusted to improve.

Having said all that, I look at my daily task sheet and begin to work on that, this may involve,

  1. Writing a blog post (Greater engagement and information sharing)
  2. Writing an email for one of my lists (Greater engagement and information sharing) – This can often be the same as point 1.
  3. Communicating in social media (Greater engagement and information sharing)
  4. Logging into some of my preferred advertising platform and ensuring I have advertisements/Lead Capture Pages in circulation (Greater engagement and information sharing)
  5. Seeking outside of the box places to engage and create promotional material (Greater engagement and information sharing)
  6. The day may involve some coding or some graphic design for my sites or my promotions and I will always devote minimum of an hour a day to this – sometimes this might just be research.
  7. Daily tasks on one of my favourite programs to be participating in and that’s Click Track Profit – even here I have my daily routine that often involves, yes you guessed it Greater engagement and information sharing
  8. Spend some time completing the check list of tasks and goals that I have created and bringing the day to closure

This is just a brief idea of a day in my endeavours

Throughout the day I always keep a notebook handy to write down ideas that I can follow up on.
At the end of the day I will sit and relax and reflect on what has been achieved throughout the day.

It is important that to some degree you keep your day structured if you want to be successful in your business endeavours

The brief description of the day is ‘What Works for Me’

Tell me about what works for you, either comment below or visit this form and fill out the 'What works For You' question.

Sharing is important if we want to be successful.


That is right on. works for me.? or i see a form

This is what I call dedication! Your attitude and commitment is an awesome example for all.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Great advice Russell, and this is something I need to work more on, better structure for productivity and goals, keep up your awesome work.

Thanks a lot for this interesting reading, and for sharing this with us. Success. Indeed good Advices!