Short and Sweet #3 - Be Like Bamboo

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I am a Nature lover from way back, I have been known to hug a tree and put my ear to it to hear the sounds it makes, especially in the wind

Nature has taught me many things over the years and continues to do so, but out of all the things I have learnt, one that sticks to me is that nature will always show its strength and determination against all odds, to continue to grow and continue to survive, No matter what is thrown its way, there is always a way through and a direction forwards.

Make your business like nature, overcome all adversities and embrace diversity. Move forwards when things get tough and allow the hard times to enable future growth.

Bamboo is a fantastic example. Bamboo throws a shoot and has great growth, then comes a moment of slow growth and a hard knot is formed, followed by another spurt of growth and so on and so forth. Each hard node is designed to help you learn and grow.

I don’t have an image of Bamboo, but I do have an image of a Forest that only the day before was devastated by fire, and yet looks majestic and beautiful in the morning sunrise. Ready for regrowth.

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Nature is great and we can learn a lot from it. If more people would listen to the nature and not stupid TV commercials, fake news, politicians lying, the world will be totally different place.

That is really great advice @russellstockley, and the growth of Bamboo sounds a lot like what we need to adapt to in business, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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great way to compare nature with business or life in general

Hi @howyf2 I agree , more a life lesson I feel :)