Short and Sweet #6 - I think I can I think I can

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We all grew up with the story of the little train that had to climb a very big hill – I think I can I think I can – It is a story of self-belief. @bradleyarrow just recently posted a blog and invited people to post picture, videos etc of people with statements of affirmation.

Self-affirmation is not something that should be glossed over. If we awake each morning and say to ourselves, I can do this, then it triggers endorphins in the brain that then over time makes the next step much easier to take.

Recently we sent our 5-year-old and 4 year old grandchildren on a Tree Top Adventure – This involved obstacle courses and flying foxes high up in the tree tops

The 4-year old especially found it challenging and invigorating and once got a taste for it just couldn’t stop doing course after course.

Here is a photo of them high in the treetops.

Well we couldn’t just let it stop there, so, it was Adults time, we donned the harnesses and climbed the rope ladders to find our self three times higher up and obstacle courses that would make anyone’s hair curl. Balancing on moving poles while you shimmy from one tree to another, ropes that swing from one platform to another and flying foxes that are 75 meters long. I think I can I think I can, now I am an adventurous soul and there were times where I just thought, this is madness. My Partner at one point said, whose Effing brilliant idea was this!!! – It was her by the way. Lol

We jumped from log to log, balanced on highwires and swung from tree to tree for a solid four hours. (There were 4 courses in total, each taking an hour to do) The last course , the Black course was a hard decision to make, I was already spent from the previous three and almost didn’t do it, but we all took a deep breath and away we went.

Well they don’t call it the hardest course for nothing, there were some serios areas hat was a tight squeeze to achieve, the final bit was a set of Monkey bars that needed to be traversed, so away I go, I think I can I Think 9I can, by the time I got to the end the only thing that was holding on were my fingertips. Phew I made it, then an 80-meter Flying Fox trip to the ground and we were done.

This is my daughter doing the monkey bar grip, no photo of me :(

Every on in our group made it, and everyone felt like they had been hit by a truck the next day. But it was well worth it
Challenging yourself to get well out of your comfort zone is something we should be doing on a constant basis. Every day we face challenges that seem insurmountable but if we take a good look at them, they are all manageable.

Getting out of your comfort zone has been an ongoing theme of late and I can see more and more people doing this, but we need more of it. I have seen numerous requests being put out ther4e that are challenging you all to get out of that zone and do something different.

Believe in yourself and do it. You will never regret making the step and you will always look back at that moment you overcame some of your fears.

Take the challenge and let us know who you are and let yourself know who you really are

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Looked like a lot of fun Russell, perhaps Tamborine Mountain Skywalk? That advertising agency I worked with a decade ago had them as a client for their Gold Coast travel guide, hence my familiarity with these sorts of adventure tourism ventures. What a great way to reaffirm to your grandchildren just how awesome a poppa you really are!