Short and Sweet - A Day in the life of my Blockchain

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Hi Folks

No more life coaching for today lol.
However, I can tell you

So far today my engagement on the Blockchain has been

  • 3 posts on Appics, will post 2 more before the end of my day – I have a goal to make a minimum $10 per day and succeed. Today I am already at $8
  • 4 Posts on CTPTalk – will post 1 more before end of my day
  • Earnt CTP tokens through mining
  • Engaged with at least a dozen posts and comments
  • Up voted at least a dozen posts
  • I have climbed the ladder at Holy bread by 45 after dropping overnight, and still going for the day
  • I have earnt CTP, Steem, Leo, Pal, TLNT, Photo, Apx, Pesos, breadcrumbs, Meep, Jahm, and TRDO
  • I have staked 3 currencies

All tokens are redeemable, can be converted and spent on, now, many sites in the network and soon to be more
I have looked at numerus different Dapps that can enhance my experience, still looking

Overall this is a daily cycle on the blockchain

So there really is no excuse

Even if you only write 1 blog post a day, post 1 picture a day you are a winner

my activities on the Blockchain are just a morsel amongst the plankton but still has an impact every single day.

If you are interested in promoting your business opportunities then try:

  • Cup of traffic – been around since 2012 and is a very active site , so your Ads will get seen – Try It Out Here Cup of Traffic
  • Xchange Traffic – A very active Traffic Exchange where you can earn your upgrade by being an active member – this site has been around since 2010 Xchange Traffic

Earn Steem for playing games at Holy Bread – this is a very addictive online game, easy to play and easy to earn Holy Bread

** If you are not already a member of Click Track Profit then you can join the program here -Click Track Profit **

*** Remember if you are really looking for a helping hand to developing your business, then there is no better choice than to follow the programs that others have used and continue to use Try it out here ***

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These are exact steps that every Steemian and affiliate marketer should do every day on the blockchain! Great HowTo organize your workday. (okay, the part with gaming can be skipped :) )

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