Short and Sweet - Autocratic decision can often cause havoc

Hi Folks

I have a day job, and in the day job is a great network of work colleagues. In fact, it is very much like a family,

When I started to work here 2.5 years ago 9When I first moved to Sydney) there were 12 people that worked in the office and 8 people on the road.
It was, and still is, a tight knit work dynamic and everybody enjoyed working with each other.

Times have changed a bit, we now have 18 people working in the office and have been doing some remodelling of the space to accommodate, we just had new carpet fitted throughout.

So one of the things that has changed a bit since coming to work here is that there is more a mentality of Top down processes jumping in, Fair enough that there is a business to run and business decisions can be made by management and that’s ok, to a degree,

But: recently with the remodelling and reconfiguration the Top Manager has decided to make a decision that will affect everyone without consulting everyone.

We have a glass wall that is approx. 4 meters long and floor to ceiling. This is the wall you see as you enter the office space. The management team have decided to put a mural on this wall. Now that’s a good thing, because a bit of Artwork is always good to look at.

Bap Bow !!!

The work they have chosen is a piece of Wall art (For want of a better term in this case) the piece of wall art is a very badly done piece of Graffiti that displays an energy of Chaos.

The colours are all over the place and it just screams get me out of here and this is not just my opinion but also that of others.

Not a smart decision if one is trying to increase if not maintain productivity.

Now the mural is not in place at this point, so we are unsure as to how far they have gone in getting the prints made up.

I expressed my opinion about this, this morning, which in turn prompted others to express their opinion, which we hope will prompt the top manager to rethink what he is considering a brilliant piece of energy building art.

I bring this too everyone’s attention because of a few factors

  1. There is a time and place for autocratic decisions, as we have all experienced in or own businesses and as we have recently experienced on the Steemit Fiasco
  2. Colour and design can have a big impact on how a business is perceived – the wrong message can be easy to portray by a misplaced colour scheme
  3. Placement has a major impact on perception. Put the wrong thing in the wrong place and you can decrease the energy that you are wanting to achieve.

Ensure that your first impression is at least inviting and ensure that you do not dissipate the energy you are trying to create.

Please Please Please do your research before entering into colour schemes and product placement. A little research can go a very long way


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Great thoughts Russell, and yeah if the Team is not with you then you might lose it all, stay awesome.


As times are changing businesses are more vibrant, and everyone is searching for the "balance" and the most effective workaround... So, it is useful to consult your workers about the improvements (or future changes in the workplace), as they are the people who are spending the most time there...

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