Short and Sweet - Psychology of Colour Series - Green

Hi Folks

I was watching @pixiepost the other day on her live card reading. The cards that chose were all green and she asked the question of what Green means to people

My response was that green means Growth, sustenance, feeding and response, It also means nurturing, grounded and peaceful.

Well that’s to me

To others it may have a totally different feeling/meaning

The Psychology around the colour green implicates it with numerous representations such as – Nature, Renewal, Energy, Growth Harmony, safety freshness and fertility

Other emotions can be Greed and Jealousy,

It is also associated with Money and Banking.

The colour Green can be used in a number of different contexts and when you understand how it may impact on others then you can use it to your Advantage.

In Advertising and the Art world there are subtle manipulations that an be generated through a number of different means and Colour is one of them.

Knowing how people may react to different colours means that you have control of how you portray your product and how your audience will mostly react.

Bearing in mind the disclaimer that although basic tenants of understanding are formulated, they are not set in concrete and there will always be exceptions to the norm.

Before you start to use a colour in your promotions, think about how it makes you feel. Don’t just say, I use this colour because I like it, analyse why you like it. How doe s it makes you feel, what memories does it conjure up, does it even give you a flavour.

Eg: does green remind you of limes, is that a freshness or is it sour, how it feels to you will ultimately determine how you use it.

If you cannot convince yourself that a Lime is Fresh then you using that colour is probably not the best thing to do, because you will not enjoy the placement of that colour in your work, and if you don’t enjoy it, that energy will get put into your output.


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How you use color is very important. Just a few days ago I did the color theory module under Profit in the lessons and got totally sidetrack learning more.


Its a fascinating subject that I have studied since the early 70's and can not only say a lot about a person (My Art Therapy Training kicking in) can also be used to determine direction (My Commercial Advertising background kicking in ) and can put people into a space for memories and contemplation (My Visual Arts background kicking in)

I love playing with colour, having said that Fonts, Shapes and placement also have just as much impact :)