Short and Sweet - The Lead Capture Page Journey

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Hi Folks

When creating a Lead Capture Page there are some really simple things you can engage with to make them successful.

Creating a visual unity can help to define tone and mood, and add personality to your page which creates an emotional impact that can become personal to the viewer?

Usually 2 colors and tones with a maximum of 3 will have a solid retention rate. Always use the same color tones as the product you may be advertising, allow a consistency from one to the next. If the viewer is jarred they will become discontent and move away.

A good Lead Capture Page will draw the Audience in. It will make them feel comfortable, it will make them feel rested, it will give them the opportunity to speak and will give them the capability of ownership.

Sweep your information so that the page starts at one point and ends at the Take Action button/form

By enabling your viewers to find the information through ‘their’ journey will get them to take action and you will get people joining you on ‘your’ journey

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Great tips for LCP creation and design, Russell! Thanks for sharing!

Made in Canva

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