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I just sent out a newsletter to one of my lists and thought, you know what, this is worthy of a blog post, so I am re purposing my email.

Great tip, when you are writing for multiple outputs, use multiple outputs for your writing :)

Lets get straight into the discussion about how you promote your business opportunities. No matter whether you are an Online Affiliate Marketer an Online Program owner or an Offline Business, the primary thing you should be promoting is you.

Eg: I own a shoe store, what I should be promoting is myself and why you should be buying shoes from me, You see Real Estate Agents and Car salespeople use the tactic all the time. A Real Estate Business may have a few agents, why would you buy from one and not the other, because the one you choose either looks trustworthy or offers the best service or even talks the language that you understand., or maybe they just offer the lowest commission rate, But beware of those that offer little for less.

It is no different for any business. People will always buy from you because you are the one that they can relate to the most.

One of the best ways to do this is to promote you, ensure that you have an auto responder to be able to undertake Email Marketing. Create a Lead capture page that lets us know who you are and why you do what you do, Invite people to sign up for your list letting them know that what they have to offer is just as important as what you have to offer. Promote your Lead Capture page everywhere, and only promote your capture page.

Create an email series that will be sent out automatically to your captured audience, don’t do the hard sell in the first or even the second email, but make your series about you and what you find attractive and successful about the things you do, engage with your audience and give them an opportunity to engage back.

Once you do start to pull the interest of your audience then they are going to want to know what is working for you and how they too can get to be a member of what you have. They will want to wear those great new lightweight trainers that you sell. They will want to know how they too can start to earn a residual income. They too will want to know how to be a successful program owner. And who will they ask ???

They will ask the person they have got to know, like and trust, because that person is the one they are relating to and that person is the one that has demonstrated that what is on offer is worth giving a shot.

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Great tips, Russell... I have to start writing those emails... It's just a routine that I have to get... Like for creating posts and comments here...

And nice finish line here... :)

hi @ph1102 - writing a good email series can be difficult at first, but I was just saying to @pixiepost yesterday that if you just chip away at it, eventually you have a great series, and as I mentioned in my last post, re purposing is a great tip, blog posts can become part of the email series and emails can become part of blog posts.
I like what you said in your post laptops to smartphone, dictating into notepad, will definitely be trying that one, and also I need to produce far more video content :)

I'm glad that my video was of some usage... :) And thanks a lot for email writing tips... The most difficult is to start... then it just gets easier... :)

One of the great things about this Unicornial Movement is reading emails from everyone and be inspired to write your own! Hope I can do that soon :)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🍀

Hi @elianaicgomes Your rocking it so far so have every confidence that you will continue to do so :)

Really great advice you are sharing here @russellstockley, this is how to do email and affiliate marketing, and the way to get great results, the Know, Like and Trust is just paramount, and well done repurposing the email, and a really nice plug for people to sign up, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thank you for these tips I like the way you express your ideas in writing.