The Biggest Question of All

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Why is one of the most important questions you can ask.

Some of you remember, still are experiencing or can reminisce, the days and days of young children constantly asking Why, why why, and our exasperated responses that would then get another Why.

I just love that time of life when knowledge is getting soaked up like a drought ridden sponge that’s just found a water filled oasis

This is a question that should always be asked because it will always solicit an answer.

Everything that you do in life you do because of a reason, even blindly following has an intrinsic reason behind the motivation.

So, we should be asking this question of everything, because it will allow us to break down the reasons behind doing something, and if we ask this question of everything then sometimes, we find reasons not to do something.

Years ago, I started a web development company and created a 3 page questionnaire for my clients. The questions I sent asked Why of just about every aspect of their decision making and business direction. Often, and it was a higher percentage, I would determine that they were not ready for a Web Presence and that they needed to re look at their motivations for their business and which direction they wished to take it.

When I was at University I would constantly question what was being put in front of me, not to be a Pain in the proverbial, but because I wanted to understand and I also wanted those I was asking the question of, to re assess their position with the knowledge that they had.

When I was teaching, I would always ask the students, Why, why they wanted that piece of information and why they thought that information would transpose into knowledge that would assist them.

This one word, Why, can trigger a whole wealth of knowledge, within yourself and from other people, and also generate another whole plethora of questions that allow for the expansion of information and information sharing.

@jongolson asked in his post Motivation When Times Get Rough. what is your mission statement, what is the goals for your company/business – well for me it has always been about the freedom to share information, which, facilitated correctly, can lead to a whole new knowledge base, which in turn, allows for informed decision making processes.

So, when you receive information, ask Why, and keep asking why until you are satisfied that the information you have just received can be applied as a sound knowledge for moving forwards.

Remember, the knowledge you develop from the information you receive may steer you in a direction that you had not perceived, but that is the beauty of receiving information and transferring it into Knowledge, it allows for informed decision making process that will stand you in good stead for your future endeavours.


That question will take you to the core of your motivations, or lack thereof, pretty quickly once you start to break down the layers @russellstockley, asking Why? is the most fundamental question of all, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

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I love Why :) especially when I hear it, because it means someone is inquisitive and have a thirst to lear

Thanks @russellstockley, and stay awesome.

"Why" gets to the essence to the matter quicker than any other inquiry.

It certainly does and is particularly endearing with children :)

Great post, Russell... The question WHY is indeed one of the most important... In human nature is to be curious and if we don't have that, we do not move forward, don't try new things, don't improve ourselves...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hi @ph1102 - thanks for the reply,
Why allows us to learn and if we dont learn something new every day we just stagnate :)