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How is your Focus?

Do you find it waning or are you on point?

If it is waning, at what point does it start to do so?

and if it is centered and continuous what are the methods that you use to stay focused?

What drives you to do what you do?

Where is your motivation coming from?

Is this delivering the results you want/expect?

Does what you do work for you?

These are all very relevant questions and ones that we should be asking ourselves every day, and not only asking ourselves but reflecting on. If we do not reflect on our very motivations for doing something, then there is no room to grow and develop our ways of doing as a step to moving forwards.

A great exercise to do is to discipline yourself to answering a set of strategic questions everyday

Take notes, jot them down, even create a spreadsheet if you want or just get a notepad printed from Vista Print with the questions already written – all you have to do is fill In the blanks

You will be surprised at the results you get. Do this for one week, Surprise, Do this for 1 Month, Surprise, Do this for 6 Months, Surprise, do this for a year and you will have found that your direction has become much more concerted, more focused, more informed, more driven and more sound.

Especially the answer to the last question – Does this really work for you?

I have been keeping notes and notebooks and spreadsheets for quite some time now and I can honestly say that a number of changes have been made over the years as to where my motivation comes from, of course this will change depending on the context at the time, Life Happens, things change around you, things do not stay static.

But you will find that your intrinsic motivation, what really drives you will become more honed, more complete, more holistic and more directed by your true self and what that represents in the world you live and the world you want.

If we did not reflect on our own actions, then we would never allow ourselves to demonstrate growth. This principal applies to all aspects of our lives. What we choose to do with our reflections is determined by our motivation for change and growth.

Final question: Do we want to change our direction?

This is a rhetorical question, unlike the ones above, as I believe that we all want to change direction. We may be totally happy with the lot we have, but there will always be one thing that we might want to change.

In my friends case over the pond, they may want to change eating some fatty or spicy food 😊

Me I always want to change, I look at everything I do and a lot I am content with, however my main motivation is to be the best at being me as I can, and that always means reflection and re evaluation as well as being prepared to make the changes necessary to go that one step further.

An of course this is about Business decisions as well as Life decisions.
If we want to succeed, then we must be prepared to see where the flaws and the failures are so that we can direct ourselves to greater success


Words of wisdom here. Exactly what I need at the present moment, esp with situations at work. I'm feeling a bit unmotivated. But I'm still hanging on. And you are so right. I need to focus more on my own goals. Thanks for the reminder!

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Hi @iamraincrystal - Thanks for the feedback :) always good to see you engage :)

thanks Russell. Yes I love my spicy and fatty foods! The problem is that my pancreas does not, and sure let's me know when I eat too much of the good stuff.

Remember Einstein's definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

If the results you are getting are painful, then perhaps change the spice you are using and eat the fruit from the tree of life.

hi @ianballantine - i love the spicy food as well :) I have learnt to balance it with neutralizers as well such as Pears :)

or as Foucault alludes to, if you do not have a concept of Insanity then Insanity doesn't exist

Great advice. I love learning from reading others posts. Keep it up.


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:) @bradleyarrow - I love learning. full stop

Thanks for this great advice @russellstockley, it's by being focused on our goals that we can reach them, and nice tip about using a spreadsheet, it's awesome.

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as always @thisisawesome This is awesome :)

Thanks @russellstockley, and keep creating awesome posts.

Excellent advice for those who will implement it. I use both a journal and Trello.

To help myself, I look at my activities as to whether they add to my bottom line or are time wasters. I also schedule the important events for my most productive time of the day. For example, reading emails generally, do not add to the bottom line unless it is a customer email. So I don't read email during my "prime" time.

Hi @glenpalo - Trelloo is great for keeping on task and setting deadlines :) use it a lot in day job -
keeping on track is good, and delegating time for task is excellent, then having the ability to prioritise within task is exciting

I want to change to eatting some fatty or spicey foods :)

as do I @busylion As do I :)

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