What are you passionate about and writers block

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Finding things to write Blog posts about can be really difficult, especially if you try too hard 😊

If you are not writing about your passion then you can find it difficult to find something to write about which is why you should always write from your heart, and only write about what you are passionate about, otherwise you will struggle.

But, you say, I want to write about this topic but its not my passion, so, brings me back to why, well I want to write about it because I feel strongly about it, well there is your passion right there 😊

Where do I start you say, I know what I want to say but don’t have the right words to express it.

Many moons ago, when I used to have to sit exams that required essay writing and I mean 3000 word essays in a 1.5 hour block, I had a senior lecturer that said, if you really believe in what you are writing about but cannot find the words, just start writing, write about mowing the lawn, running the bath, cleaning windows, just start writing because as soon as you do the right words will start to flow on the subject matter that you want to write about.

It’s a bit like that blank canvas I have mentioned. While its blank it can create fear, it can create a block that is hard to overcome.

So, just start writing, start the stream of consciousness and turn it into a full-blown river. Whatever you write will be from the heart and will be from your passion.

Even if it is about washing the windows, just to get you started, that bit you write about the windows, will be coming from a place that is what you believe in. It will be passionate and may be a blog post in itself. (Many people need to know a great sure fire way of keeping windows clean )

I guess what I am saying is just write, and write some more, you will come up with a whole plethora of ideas and these ideas are gems you can expand on at any time. It like journaling, write down ideas and then come back to them, expand on them and, Voila, you suddenly have months of blog posts coming out of you like a great curry on a hot day.

Be generous in your sharing, you will find a niche of interested people and eventually you will wonder how you ever went not writing

Pull out the feather quill and don’t let those ink blots become blocks.

Having said that, a good Psychologist will always tease a good story out of you with Ink Blots 😊

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Hello @pifc Thanks for the support, :)

This is great and needed advice I find it easier to write about things im interested in or what I am learning in click track profit. I have always struggled expressing myself in words. In school I always leaned towards math and art kind of weird one is logical one is creative lol. But when it came to english grammer i always cringed and had a hard time with it.

Hi @howyf2 - just keep writing, its a great catalyst to change :)

This post is really great. Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming please! ^_^

Hello @iamraincrystal , writing is a great way to meet people and to create change

Having blinkers on can also help you to keep focused.


Hello @thaiprincess, blinkers can keep you looking in one direction, but one must be careful not to miss out

I really enjoyed this post. I also get writers blocks from time to time. Sometimes, I do what you said... write about anything... play with words... somehow it seems to get my regular writing flowing again.

I found your post because @iamraincrystal featured you in the Pay it Forward Curation Contest. Keep up the good work.

hello @viking-ventures , Thanks for the comment, and yes writers block can be a drag sometimes, but there are so many wonderful things to write about :) that it is also easy to overcome

Yes. Even with fiction, there is always another person out there who wants their story told.
I have discovered with fiction, though, that another major source of writer's block is when there is something majorly wrong with the plot. Right now, I'm having to pull out a sub-plot thread from a work-in-progress because it simply didn't work there... I was trying to do too much (a common problem for me.)

Being passionate about the subject is the best motivation to start writing and to conitue to do so @russellstockley, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

Hello @flaxz - Passion should always be what drives us I reckon :)


nicely written.. you could have used the creativecoin tag on this post as well.

Hello @shadowspub - Thanks for the comment, I will keep creativecoin in mind for my posts, thanks for the heads up

The greatest inspiration that we get comes when we feel strongly or passionate about a subject, and it will also keep motivating us through any ups and downs along the journey, thanks a lot for sharing this @russellstockley, it's awesome.

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Hi @thisisawesome I love the journey and it is the experiences along the way that informs the next approach :)

Thanks @russellstockley, yeah the journey is the real goal, the goal is just there so that we have a direction to strive for.

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If I am not sure what to write about, I pick a book I like and review it. Or I take a picture of my latest project and say a few words about it. There is always something to write about.

I love your methods :) and yes there is a;lways something to write about

Wonderful advise for anyone who gets stumped on what to write. I love that you mention passion as a means to create a post. I think that most of us come from that place.

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