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I haven’t written a post for a few days, I have been busy on a new project which has been taxing my design and scripting skills.

Never the less I have been enjoying myself immensely and following a passion of mine which is Information sharing.

Now before I can information share I need to information gather. It never surprises me where information is stored and what triggers allow it to be released. The ole filing cabinet in the head works overtime sometimes.

I did one of those face book quizzes the other day, It was guess which Beatles song this is by just one line of lyric. There were 29 in the quiz all up and I raced through it. Not a single one did I get wrong, yet if I had been asked to sing a line of a particular Beatles song I would not have been able to get that many.

The way our brain retrieves information always amazes me and for different people its different triggers that get them to release what they know.

Now not many people know this about me, although now its going to be a few more now but at age 17 I had a high speed motorcycle crash and suffered a brain injury that managed to wipe out all of my childhood, memories, emotional connections and the ability to visualise even the basic of things. I worked hard over subsequent years to develop a way to remember things. I still am not able to retrieve most things pre 17, but have a very good capacity for post 17.

My partner once asked me a question about what something looked like, knowing I experienced this thing in my childhood. I was not able to say, she then asked me well was it like this, and was it like that, I was able to describe the object by what it was not.

Relevance: My new project is about information sharing and I have been encouraging people to share their information with me to be able to share it with others. Not many have been forthcoming, I realise it is because I am possibly asking the wrong question. I am asking for their opinions on things that they use and do on a daily basis.

I am not yet sure what I should be asking and am still working on that.
I realise it also comes down to what motivates them,

Is it self serving to share their information – In this case it could be.
Is it going to make a difference to their daily activities, in this case it could do
Is it going to benefit them financially – In this case it could.

I realise that like myself where I had to find ways to open up the mind cabinet to find the knowledge that allows me to go forwards, that I am an action taker.

Most people are not, many many writers have spoken of this and in the online community that I am a part of @jongolson talks about it often. Only a small percentage of people are action takers and move forwards with their business opportunities, and no matter how we try, we can only trigger snippets at a time.

So hats off to all the action takers out there, you will succeed and to those of you that are on the fence, you have to jump off sometime, it may as well be today.

Despite what the past has presented you with, despite what you may perceive about something. Move forwards, take action and share the knowledge you have.

Knowledge is a very valuable commodity, use it wisely and it will wisely use you.

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Thanks for sharing this great personal story Russell, and you are for sure "action taker"... To re-start the whole life requires a lot of action, persistence, stubbornness maybe...
Good luck with your future projects!

Hi @ph1102 thanks for the reply, one thing I learnt is that everything is process and if the steps are clearly defined then success is always the outcome

Thank you for sharing your story. ^_^ Much success to your project!

Hello @iamraincrystal - sharing is what allows the world to turn, cliche I know, but so true

Thanks a lot for sharing that story about yourself @russellstockley, and very interesting information about what triggers we have for our memories, as to myself I often remember things I have read, often even down to the book or website and in some cases specific page numbers, but have a really hard time remembering things that I have heard, but I do tend to remember smell very well.

And nice to know that you are an action taker, I tend to be that too, but only the first time, if it needs repeating I am not that good, this goes for example for my CTPtalk Tips and Tricks video series, I made the videos one after the other, but it seems I have a lot of trouble writing the ebook based on that series, to repeat it, but I will get there.

Again thanks a lot for a great post, it's awesome.

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Hi @thisisawesome - I bet if you could relate a smell to things you hear that you would remember things you hear much better :)
as for action taking - if you transpose your video speech to text, then part of the ebook is already written, but then you probably already have a transcript of your vids, :)

Thanks @russellstockley, and really nice tip there, stay awesome.

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