Finished CTPTALK

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Finished @CTPTALK in @CTP Learned a bit about how to mine in @CTP lessons,. So went to try to by some and it didn't do anything so my guess is that I don't have enough @steem to purchase it yet, Which is ok, will just wait some, and try again.
I have been trying to catch up in some lessons in @CTP. Also getting cards made to go out soon. I am not good at writing everyday. I really do not feel that I have enough to say here that people are going to be interested in. December and January are not my best time of year. My husband died in January 2013, so now the holidays do not mean much to me. I never thought that one day I would be doing things on the internet. I have meet really nice people on the internet and traffic exchanges. I will miss those that we have lost this year. So due to those who have passed and those who are still here giving of themselves everyday, I say Thank you. I found a quote on lifehack that reminds me to never give up.

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Thanks for sharing your progress on CTP with us... And the quote is great!
Never give up! Who knows what is waiting for you tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!!!

Thanks@ph1102 for reading my post.

Well done completing the CTPtalk lessons in ClickTrackProfit @salexa5, and as to the miners of CTP tokens they are called CTPM and you buy them in Steem-engine, and last I checked they where sold at 2 Steem each, and after you have bought them it's very important to stake them, that's how they will mine CTP tokens for you passively and you get a payout from that once per day.

I am also very sorry that this time of the year reminds you of the loved ones you lost, and your quote is very fitting for this, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks @salexa5, and keep up your awesome work.

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good post enjoyed reading it and for some help when you buy the ctp miners when you can buy them you need to stake them for them to work :)