Hive Pay is now Available at Tornado Traffic

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Hello Everyone,

Hive Pay was launched on this blockchain a couple of weeks ago and this is exciting news. You can now use your favorite Hive coin to make purchases at many websites.

This includes my website, Tornado Traffic!

Tornado Traffic is now accepting the top 10 Hive coins for your purchases. This includes Hive, HBD, CTP, Leo and several others. If your favorite coin is not on the list, let me know and I will look into adding it to the list.

More Information About Hive Pay

For more information about this brand new payment system go to this blog post: or go directly to the Hive Pay website at

To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman
Owner/Administrator of Tornado Traffic

Plus 1 Success Here is a free gift. No opt in required!


hmmm this seems very interesting, i think i should try it out

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I agree. This expands the use case of Hive Tokens and makes them more desirable

Well done Steven, HivePay is a really great addition, and a game changer for Hive.