I Am Engaged Challenge 4/28/21

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Good Morning Everyone,

In June of last year I started a new challenge, in the tradition of "I Am Alive". I called it "I Am Engaged". Somewhere along the way I got lazy and stopped posting and stopped engaging. Engaging with others is not one of my strong points. I admit I am not much of a social butterfly. But I am willing to step outside my comfort zone and try it again.

I hope others will join me in this quest and also step outside their comfort zone as well.

Here is where it all started. If you watched the "Crypto Monday" telecast on 6/8/20 (https://www.facebook.com/ClickTrackProfit/videos/264789704759505), Jon Olson talked about the 5/500/5000 plan at about minute 14:00. I would suggest you watch the entire video but this section explains about how we get to 5000 Hive Power and become a Dolphin at Hive.

It all starts with Engagement.

So here is my Idea.

  1. Engage with at least 5 people everyday by upvoting and commenting on their posts at CTP Talk or Hive.

  2. Follow the people you engage with.

  3. Write a post on your CTP Talk or Hive account listing the usernames of the people where you upvoted and commented. Also, add the link and say a little something about the post

That's it. Easy Peasy!

So here is my first post for the 2021 relaunch of the "I An Engaged Challenge"!

I upvoted and commented at

  1. A Schedule For Sanity by @jongolson. Jon has some great ideas about how to keep up with what is happening in the world of Blockchain! https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-119826/@jongolson/a-schedule-for-sanity

  2. Discussion: Why Do We Need a “Growing” Population? A great article and some good responses about population growth. https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-114105/@denmarkguy/discussion-why-do-we-need-a-growing-population

  3. Cryptocurrency Is Not An Asset Class by @taskmaster4450. An interesting discussion about how the typical investor views Crypto. https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-167922/@taskmaster4450/cryptocurrency-is-not-an-asset-class

  4. What one thing does Hive need to thrive? by @themarkymark. A great dicsussion and some great ideas about how to imporve Hive. https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-167922/@themarkymark/what-one-thing-does-hive-need-to-thrive

  5. Sky and Tree Black and White Photography by @alokkumar121 Some beautiful black and white pictures! https://www.ctptalk.com/hive-142159/@alokkumar121/sky-and-tree-black-and-white-photography

On To Dolphin Status,
Steven Ackerman

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I think I have been very engaging with people while I have been doing the 30 day challenge.
The real challenge will be doing it afterwards .
I am going to keep engaging after the challenge.
I will just have to find a rhythm that works.

This is a good challenge to stay engaged. It has worked well for me in the past. That is why I have relaunched the "I Am Engaged Challenge".

Great article looking forward to interacting with you in the future. :-)

Thank you for your support

Thanks for the inclusion and the shoutout @slackerman; appreciate the initiative!

Yes, engagement matters... been part of various engagement and curation initiatives here for over four years, and in the end it's awlays the engagement level that helps create a vibrant community!

Engagement is tough for me. I really have to make an effort to be more social