I Am Engaged Challenge - Day 8

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Good Morning Everyone,

I want to thank everyone that joined this challenge and gave feedback! I got some good ideas on how to improve. Keep the ideas coming.

There are several challenges taking place right now, so one of the suggestions was to combine this challenge with some of the other challenges using hash tags. It was also suggested that you add the post where you engaged.

Another thing you can do is to write a little bit about the post you are highlighting.

It is Day 8 in my "I Am Engaged" Challenge

For more information about this challenge check out the Day 1 post.

It all starts with Engagement

So here is the Challenge.

  1. Engage with at least 5 people everyday by upvoting and commenting on their posts at CTP Talk or Hive.

  2. Follow the people you engage with.

3.Write a post on your CTP Talk or Hive account listing the usernames and the post of the people where you upvoted and commented. Also write a little bit about the post you are highlighting.

4 Use the hashtag #IAmEngaged to spread the word

Today's Content

So here is todays post for the "I An Engaged Challenge"

I upvoted and commented at

  1. Very interesting idea by @achim03 "How Lbry can help us to monetize our List"

  2. @elizabetamt has written a very good post about CTP "Click Track Profit-CTP"

  3. Here is an introduction to CryptoTab Browser by @theroad2freedom "Miners Aren't Just Background Apps"

  4. Random crazy thought of the day by @imfarhad

  5. "Small in Hive But Big In Tribes" by @lebah has some very good tips about tribes.

On To Dolphin Status,
Steven Ackerman

P.S. This challenge is brand new. If you have suggestions please let me know how we can launch and improve this challenge

Your post has been included in today's "I Am Engaged" challenge which I will post in a few minutes. Watch for it @slackerman


That's a nice pick that you have made, @slackerman...
I especially liked posts by @achim03 and @lebah...

Great stuff!

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This is Awesome Content, and it will be manually curated with an upvote of 65% from @thisisawesome (will be done today), and it will also be included in our Awesome Daily Curation report in category Awesome CTP Curation for more visibility.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Hive ecosystem and the CTPtalk tribe by rewarding it".


Thank you very much for the mention!

Thank you so much for this challenge! And it's good to see a little description about the post you read :)
And thank you for keeping promoting CTP Blueprint!


As a real Fireballer you will get 2 extra entries for the CTP Blueprint Fireball GiveAway!
For more info about the Drawing click here :)

Thanks for the mention. I followed you back so I can keep up with your progress in your challenge. I think the extra information (description and link) are great additions. Continue your great work and keep on engaging.