Who is This Guy and What Does He Do?

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Hello Fellow Steemians,

My name is Steven Ackerman.

I wanted to introduce myself to this wonderful community and tell you a little bit about myself and what I do.

First of all I am 63 years old, semi-retired and work part time at my local Walmart. I live in Buffalo Minnesota, a small town about 40 west of Minneapolis.

I am a husband to my wife Suzanne. We will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in September.

I am a father to my three adult kids, Shawn, Megan and Pamela. No grand kids yet but my two daughters both got married last year, so hopefully soon! I can't wait. I love little kids and I will be a wonderful Grandpa!

From left to right: Me, my daughter Pam, my son-in-law Mike (married to Megan), my daughter Megan, my wife Suzanne, and my son Shawn

I am a brother to five siblings, Ron, Gerry, Luann, Loren, and Julie. Sadly, my brother Loren passed away unexpectedly in May. We miss him dearly!

From left ot right: Me, Ron, Gerry, Luann, Loren, and Julie

I am the owner of a traffic exchange, Tornado Traffic.

I am an online entrepreneur.

I am an affiliate marketer

That is a little bit about me now about what I do.

My mail focus is my traffic exchange, Tornado Traffic which just celebrated its 2nd birthday at the end of July and now has just shy of 1000 members.

As I stated above I am also an affiliate marketer.
My intentions in the next few weeks is to do reviews on the various programs I use to promote my traffic exchange and other affiliate sites that I am involved with.

I hope you will find these reviews helpful to your own marketing efforts.

To Our Mutual Success

Steven Ackerman

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Awesome man!

Great introduction and thank you so much for the support of CTP!

Thank you for sharing, Nice post
Support your post (by CTP Token)

Welcome to CTP Talk Steven. Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome to CTPtalk @slackerman, and nice introduction, I wish you an awesome day.

Another warm welcome to CTP family Steven!!!

Hello Steven Thank You for sharing your background a letting us see who you are :)

Nice introduction @slackerman, it's great to get to know you, and a very warm welcome to CTPtalk and Steem, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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