The Hive Guide || Is Your Business Full of Clutter || I Am Alive Challenge - Week 6

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In this video I talk about 'The Hive Guide' and how awesome it is for anyone (old or new) to the Hive blockchain and how you can get your copy right from here.

I also spend a little time on the clutter in your business which may be a result from the clutter in your life. I share my personal situation about clutter and how it makes a difference to me.

I attempted to post this on Friday but 3Speak had an issue with the encoding . So after waiting 2 days to find out that me video wasn't going to post, I was frustrated! I also wasted a third day trying to post again but couldn't get onto 3Speak and upload again. So tody I moved on to another altenative and hope you enjoy this video.

See Ya next week!!

Here's your FREE comprehensive guide to navigate your way around HIVE;


Glad to meet you, you made a great video. I also understand the clutter issue, when I do greeting cards with rubber stamps I also end up with a lot of clutter. It is time for me to start the declutter process.

Thank you and it's nice to meet you too!

Yes, I so understand. rubber stamps and greeting cards, I enjoy that too so I like all crafts so I have many different items and one thing we can do is use smaller storage boxes to seperate items by category and then stack them in a larger storage box or if you have shelves you can stack them there.

Good luck on your declutter process. It really is mind freeing.

Its good to deal with all the clutter in your life and around you. Good video and I hope you can come up with a way to somewhat declutter your house. Hive guide is awesome, it's great to finally have something to teach everyone so much great information about the blockchain. All these games are fun and can be very addicting.

Being free of clutter clears the air and your mind to help you be more productive and yes games are addictive but they're even better when you get paid to play them.

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Thanks Russell!!

Great vlog, Charletta! Your vlogs are getting more awesome every next time... :)

To be organized in the clutter is an art... And if you can manage that, you can do anything else... lol...

Regarding TheHiveGuide, it is a great tool for everyone as it has covered a lot of things that are on Hive... and there are a lot... and will be a lot more in the future...

Thanks Zoltan!!

When your clutter comes from things you do and has many parts in order to create it can be organized and it's just about taking the time to actually do it. I wish I had a spear room where I could build shelves and sort things in containers and that would be organized clutter. But since I don't have that I have to find another solution.

Jon and Blain has given us so thru CTP and I'm always excited to see when they come up with something new.

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