Why I Call Myself 'The Forgotten Affiliate Marketer'

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Once upon a time, (this is not a fairy tale) there was a woman who strongly believed that making money online was easy and fun and would make her rich.

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The thought of running her own business online and not have to go to some 9 - 5 day after day and do something she hated and make other people rich while they sat at the top handing down impossible orders to make them even richer.

After years of being in and out of the online business arena she slowed up tremendously cause she just didn't have the time or the money she needed to grow an online business. However, she never lost touch as she educated herself whenever she could find the time. During these empty years she found herself slaving away at various jobs just to get by and taking care of her family.

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After losing the last job she ever would hold outside of the house, she returned to the arena one final time, determined to find her calling online.

In the year of 2014 after losing my job and not being able to find work again I turned to the thing I have always loved doing, my computer and affiliate marketing. I sat down and started searching for ways to make money online. I searched everywhere. I used google, bing, yahoo, facebook, Instagram and so many more.

After a couple of days I met a wonderful Christian woman 'Sonya'. We connected right away and it was a great relationship from the start and still is today. Sonya was my mentor for a while and she introduced me to some great programs and I made a lot of great connections thru her, and I even got to spend some time with her in person. We don't actually work together anymore but she is still a great friend and I can always count on her.

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About a year later as the business I had got in with Sonya shut it's doors we were left in the heat of summer with what to do now. Little did I know that Sonya had already been planning ahead to introduce her team to some other influencers in the field. These influencers 'Alan & Debbie' had a tribe on FB and Sonya referred us all to the group. These 2 influencers were good, they had been where most of us had been at one time or another in our journey. They seem to have the 'midas' touch as it seems that everything they touched just turned to gold. They were growing and they had a whole tribe following them, me included.

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Now here I am a year after starting my journey I was following these influencers and learning and buying and promoting everything they did. Yet still I seemed to be staying where I was making no sales, not influencing no one. They were introducing me to everything from branding myself to traffic to getting sales, however, nothing seemed to work for me. For 3 years I followed Alan & Debbie faithfully and thought of them as my mentor and did the things they said to do and even some things that I couldn't afford to do. During this time I managed to grow a small mailing list, make a hand full of sales, and watched as other in the tribe grew with them. What were they doing that I wasn't, I wondered. It seemed that affiliate marketing just wasn't for me. I believed I could make money online. I believed I could build a following. I believe in everything I was doing but some how I had to be missing something but had no idea what the missing piece was and still am not sure.

I thought because I was not investing enough money in myself and my business that this was the reason for my failure. I kept hearing you gotta have the right mindset and you gotta take a chance, you gotta invest and so many other things. Well even when I took a chance and invested, I still didn't get much from it.

In 2018, when Alan and Debbie produced a system that was similar to most systems I took that chance. This system was suppose to get me followers, build my email list and get me referrals I needed to grow my income. This wasn't the first system they made for us but this time I managed to talk my husband into letting me use one of his credit cards so I could sign up for a high ticket program and also to purchase traffic. after all if I did as stated I should be able to be on my way in as little as 45 days. Well guess what? That didn't happen either. After spending about $500 on traffic and about $120 for the programs, the only thing I had done was add 143 addresses to my email list. Once again this was very disappointing .

In early 2018, Alan & Debbie then developed a membership site for their tribe granting free access to those who signed up through their link. That did not include me as I had signed up for that particular program through someone other then them, so I missed that boat. Now Alan & Debbie was well on their way as for it had only been 3 months into the year and they had already made a quarter of a million dollars from the very same activities they were pulling us in on. Others seemed to fall right into the riches of their efforts but not me. No matter what I did I was never in the winning league.

I began to move myself in other directions while still following them on FB just to keep up with what they were doing and offering. Now they offer things that are way out of my league, too rich for my soul. Big ticket items they call them. but if you can't afford the big ticket items yourself, you cant get in and you don't have access to the big ticket item to even offer it to anyone else. Now I use my smartphone for most of my money producing activities. No 'Cash App', no 'Ebates', no 'Dosh', and none of those apps like that. Those apps may earn you money, but you got to spend money in order to earn it or you need a tribe where at least 50% of them will sign up thru your link. I deal in apps that pay you for the small tasks you do each day. I might not get rich, but it makes me a nice passive income that I collect from several of these apps throughout the month.

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In case you still don't see why I call myself the forgotten Affiliate marketer, here it is in plain English. When Alan & Debbie grew to higher levels and you needed help, they were no longer there for you. They felt that everything you needed was already outlined in the programs and systems they created. They sadi things like 'I'm not here to hold your hand'. If you didn't have the resources (sometimes money) to move as quickly as they did you got lost in the sauce and was left with a million question marks. You were left behind to figure it out on your own, you no longer had access to what you need once they pull the group, info, and tools into a membership site that you can't afford. It doesn't matter that you've been a loyal follower buying and giving your all to them. No money, No in...….. And that's what happened to me.

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As for the woman at the beginning of this post..... That's Me!
Now that I have the great freshly rebuilt 'CTP' platform that has introduced me to new things and educates me on how to use them and have 24/7 support where I can get assistance when I need it. I am progressing there very well and at my own pace. If you feel like you've been forgotten about, com on over to CTP and become a member of a family based community where it's all about you. You'll never be left alone to figure things out on your own and you'll always have the tools you need to succeed.

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This is a great post. Funny, I wrote a post about using graphics in posts here. I was where you used to be. I bought programs and books and and... CTP is working for me. I use ctptalk every day. I have actually made money here. Not millions by any stretch. But I made 0 on social media sites doing the same thing I am here.

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I enjoyed reading this post and like the graphics used