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RE: Free eBook: Four Easy Steps To Your Own List!

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Those ebooks and kits are great @matthiasklein, I downloaded them myself a few years back, it's great to get you started, and maybe they will come with a version 3.0 too, or you can just write your own and give away, thanks for sharing and keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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The only trouble with that eBooks ts (and was) all of 'em are (like the page) a little outdated; maybe I get my dirty hands on the #PLR anywhere, in that case I'd set up my own page for 'em which would be 'Start of the Art' and will my downlines in TrafficWave and AIOP alike.
THAT would be well worth the work shift of an entire weekend; I'm not afraid to manage such a project in two or three days...
Orders always welcome...

Thanks @matthiasklein, and great idea, go for it, and keep up your awesome work.