A Different Definition of Positive Thinking

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I have a different definition of Positive Thinking than most people it seems.

For some people it is sitting around the campfire in our bell-bottom jeans, an acoustic guitar for background and everyone singing Kumbaya!

Now suppose I come to the campfire a bit late, no longer wearing bell bottom jeans because it's no longer the 60's even though I lived through and in my 60's and, using my experience from my Boy Scout days, I notice that the clearing with the campfire is not very big, the wind is picking up, the fire is getting a bit out of control and sparks are starting to land in an area of dead and dying brush and pine trees.

I suggest that maybe we should try and get the campfire better contained and make sure the sparks are extinguished.

People around the campfire begin saying that I am being negative, killing the mood of all the "energy" that the fire and Kumbaya created, and just not being a Team player.

When I get involved in a project I "know" in advance it will be successful and I am the most Positive person around because I have done my preparation first. And I don't sit around waiting to see what will happen next.

I understand what resources I will need to be successful and make sure I have those resources available before beginning. I have a written plan and execute that plan.

I also plan for contingencies. I keep an eye out for changes in the surrounding landscape and remove obstacles if I can, or decide if I need to go around those obstacles. I try to anticipate other people's moves and motives and prepare a defense if necessary before it becomes necessary.

I am Positive that I will do what needs to be done to make my plan successful, even if it takes longer than expected. I also ready to shut down that plan if I see it cannot succeed due to circumstances I failed to see ahead of time.

My definition of Positive Thinking is much more than just "positive energy", it requires planning, gathering resources, taking action, and being proactive in changing circumstances.


I agree Positive Thinking requires more than just a thought to get things done.

An interesting look at positive thinking... Thanks for sharing, Mick!

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