Another Viewpoint On The Consensus Witnesses vs. Justin Sun and Tron Foundation Story

in #ctplast year

Something just didn't add up for me on what I had been hearing from the CWs vs. JSunTron et al, so I have been researching what I could find on the backstory to the whole mess.

I am looking at this entire situation through the lens of owning and operating businesses since 1971, my educational background with a Bachelor's in Economics and an MBA in Finance, and my experiences as an equity and real estate Investor, Speculator in things Crypto, and my recent experiences on the Steem blockchain.

I have been reading, listening to, and watching different viewpoints wherever I can find it to scratch that itch that something doesn't add up. Then I discovered the video below that I believe was recorded on March 2, 2020. In it the person making the video puts into a concise summary the things I have been thinking.


Nice explanation of what happened. But nobody knows what kind of progress Justin wants. With his stake he could crash the price of Steem and many of people have large stakes. This is a fear moment for Steemit.

Unfortunately I got here too late and missed the video. Reading the other comment I wish I had seen it to better understand what is going on.