Master It and Get Rewarded $50?

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Click Track Profit (CTP) has a section in the members area found under the Training section called Mastery. Currently, there are 10 Mastery opportunities. You become a Master in each of the opportunities by completing very doable tasks.

Once you complete the Mastery tasks for AdvertisingKnowHow, HitsViral, HitsBoosterPro, and High-Hits (all dot com) you qualify to receive $50 added to your account balance at eTrafficCoop (a dot com). Simply open a Support Ticket at eTrafficCoop with your CTP username so we can verify that you have completed one of the four Mastery programs mentioned above and we will add $50 to your Account Blance at eTrafficCoop.

Potentially, you would have as much as $200 to spend on Upgrades and promotions.

eTrafficCoop is an advertising coop where you simply add your websites, affiliate links, banners (both 468x60 standard size banners and "square" banners 125x125), and text ads and that's it.

As long as you have credits in your account you never have to login again and continue to add them to your campaigns, they are automatically allocated. Every time you add a new website or affiliate link (yes, even your CTP affiliate links), banner, or text ad your new campaign will pull from your existing credit balance for each kind of ad.

There is no surfing required at eTrafficCoop yet your ads will appear in hundreds of websites across the web.

Of course, you have the ability to earn more credits for free and affiliate commissions using two simple urls found in your Member Control Panel.

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It is amazing some of the things that we can come up with as promotions once we get motivated by others. This has gotten me to stop and think what I can do for my memberships once I get my sites cleaned up and organized, which by the way is no ones fault by my own. Wagons Hoe My Friends

If we all work together we grow the pie rather than fighting over crumbs! As the saying goes, a rising tide raises all boats!

Good to know although I just started and is still a long way from mastery but this is a good incentive. Good job

There is no hurry and no time limit on my offer. Although, if a little passes you may have to refresh my memory.

That`s very generous Mick. CTP is giving us until the 20th of August to check off Mastery lessons. Do we have a time limit here as well? Though I doubt I will be able to complete a mastery by then I will be signing up to ETrafficCoop. No such thing as too much traffic.

No time limit for me, but if it has been awhile you may need to refresh my memory!