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Hello CTP Talk community. This is my first post here. I am visiting because I am considering a venture into the affiliate marketing field.

I have just started a program through ENTRE Institute, with Jeff Lerner. Yes, I got hooked in through an ad on YouTube. The price of the program was too good to pass up. Of course, there were a couple of upsells. I only took one of them.

Part of the program involves choosing a type of business to generate cashflow. It can be affiliate marketing, an agency, or a knowledge business. I think I have potential for either affiliate or knowledge business.

I have browsed, to find out more about the tribe. I have just followed @ClickTrackProfit and am reading through posts to find out more about The CTP Swarm.

I only now just discovered and have joined. I look forward to learning more about the business. I look forward to implementing what I learn.


Welcome aboard. !BBH

Thanks. I’ll be trucking through the lessons in the coming days. It looks like a lot to learn based on the number of videos.

Lots but worth the time and effort.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I say sign up for free. It has an amazing value for free. It is definitely one of the best sites I have found for learning about Internet marketing.

I have signed up. I’ll be making my way through the lessons in the coming days. I’m especially excited to learn that HIVE plays into CTP in some way. I was watching a video with @taskmaster4450 and @jongolson last night. Perhaps I misunderstood. In any case, I’m working on it.

awesome. Enjoy the ride

Welcome to the fun!

Pop by our Discord and Telegram is you have any questions at all :)

Sure thing. Thanks.

I’m biased, but it’s an amazing community; especially that the focus is on creating content, curation and engagement on HIVE (which I’m sure it’s yours) and @jongolson and #TheCTPSwarm are amazing @travelwritemoney - “Affiliate Marketing for the Rest of Us” @clicktrackprofit

I just started the training series. So, I'll get a better feel in the days to come. I look forward to learning more. I am glad that HIVE is a part of it.

Pleased to meet you! I think it's a mistake to think you can't do a combination of those things, @travelwritemoney... your affiliate efforts will be more effective if you're knowledgeable and share that wisdom with your flock. The models are changing.

But you're in the right place, so don't stress... CTP is great, and check out some of the other #Hive tribes that fill certain niches for you: PROOF OF BRAIN is for general high-quality content, LEOFINANCE for crypto and finance, FOODIES BEEHIVE is food-related... and if your username is relevant to your interests, you can pin region-specific and travel-related posts to PINMAPPLE. So much cool stuff happening around here, so don't blink too much. Have fun! :)

Thanks. I have mostly been active on Leo Finance. I don't get a chance to explore the travel community too much as travel has been shut down. But, once I'm back on the road, I'll be posting more. Of course, writing ties it all together.

I'll be sure to check in often.