A Brand New Program has Born! So a Brand New Owner! - CTP BLUEPRINT - Contest Inside!!

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

My Secret Project was finally revealed!

Yes, this little busy bee get out completely of her comfort zone and jump right into creating her own online program!

Introducing: CTP Blueprint!

On yesterday's Thursday Night Live was where the program was launched!

You can watch the replay here: https://ctptalk.com/hive-181335/@jongolson/ophzcseh

And our CTP Community rocks so much that in less than 24h already passed the 50 Members mark!

QC 19.jpeg

Thank you so much!

So here's a quick review of what is CTP Blueprint:

Click Track Profit (CTP) is a very complete training program dedicated for those who want to start their Affiliate Marketing journey whichever the type of business and/or niche.

For some, even for the most experienced marketers, sometimes CTP can ve very confusing and overwhelming and people tend to give up!

So I decided to create an easy to follow guide with all the steps you need to go and where to tackle first inside CTP. All in a path form, like a blueprint! As a freebie, by joining you will get a free Ebook - the BP0 - with 3 Steps of Success to help you get started.

So there's 3 types of Members inside:

  • Free Membership - Gets the Ebook and a guided overview of the CTP Dashboard
  • Guide - You will get all the CTP Blueprints available, as well a chance to rebrand the free Ebook and access to a slightly different Downline Builder.
  • Videos - You will get a subscription to the videos section, where I will be always adding new videos with walkthrough's, tutorials, tips and tricks.

Of course, it's not perfect, so I will be always improving everything as I gain more experience and knowledge! But I believe I got a good start according to the feedback I got so far!

To celebrate my first day, I decided to throw a contest!

giphy 4.gif

Since it's still recent, I don't have a great variety of Affiliate Tools to help promote my site.

I'm already known by my graphics but this time I want you to get creative!

I want you to create a CTP Blueprint splash page!

You can either create through Lead Capture Page Builder inside Click Track Profit or Canva or any other place you prefer!


  • Have the logo
  • Bullet points
  • Something to grab attention - images , videos..
  • Don't need to have exact dimensions, but at least avoid scrolling

The Font I used is Timmana from Google Fonts

Here's the logo you can use:



You have the weekend plus Monday to create it!

Here's the rewards:

1st place - picked by me - 200 CTP Tokens
2nd place - picked by most upvotes - 100 CTP Tokens
3rd place - picked by next most upvotes - 50 CTP Tokens

The creators have to reply this post with their image or link creations and people can upvote their favorites Tuesday until Thursday!

All three creations will be added on my Affiliate Tools so everyone can promote with them!

Thank you so much, again, for your support!

And get creative!

Happy Friday!





Congratulations on your new business @elianaicgomes Your doing Great things keep pushing forward. Here are two images for a splash I made in canva.



Quick page

Awesome on so many levels!

So happy for you and wish you nothing but success.

I'm taking it easy tomorrow but promoted it today and will do a ton of follow up on Sunday....Love seeing people win!!!

Thank you so much for your support!
I'm as happy as an apprentice that made her master proud! lol
That energy will help me keep on keeping on :)

Ha ha ha ha ha

Launching stuff is easy...And super exciting.

But the real test is when you dont have floods joining every day, support requests go up and sales are slow...Learn to master that and the emotions around those days and you'll keep crushing it!!!

Oh yeah absolutely!
I know I won't please everyone and at the beginning it's all pretty but later on grumpy Guses will come and complaints will appear!
And I will be ready! If not...I'll ninja kick them! the emotions I mean! ahaha
For now..let's enjoy the ride!

Yeah! When Grumpy Gus shows up, it's really a sign that you are making progress!

Number 2 :)

Congratulations @elianaicgomes for your new business and mostly for taking massive action. Not many take action after taking a class or reading, Your an inspiration to all of us.

Thank you so much! Just trying to help the best I can :)

Congrats Eliana. Wish you all the luck in your business adventure.

Thank you :)

Congrats to your big launch Eliana, and nice challenge you added to it, keep up your awesome work.

Thank you Mister Awesome! Hope to get some contestants :)

Yeah I have been meaning to participate, not had any time so far, sorry.

That's ok..I'll wait till tomorrow in case someone wants to enter still :)
Thank you!


Awesome sauce 👍👌😁

Thank you :)

Hi Eliana, Thanks for creating the CTP Blueprint. It's good to have this as an extra resource to plug into my crypto-training course, especially the section about how to get started with Hive and CTP Talk.

Thank you so much David! It feels good to see my program be called an extra resource :)

Your secret project finally isn't a secret anymore...

Good luck with your new adventure!

Made in Canva

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Thank you!
What's your next "When...?" project? 🤣

When will you create your token? 🤣😂

ahaha I already have one! CTP Tokens for my Fireshopping addiction 😁

naaah.. You should create your own, integrate it in Fire-Pay, and print millions to yourself...
and then go to FIRESHOPPING! 🤣

You have done a wonderful job with this site! Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :)