The CTP Blueprint Contest Update - The Winners are...

in ctpblueprint •  3 months ago  (edited)

Contest update.jpg

Last week I challenged your creativity to get me some splash pages to have them on the Affiliate Tools inside CTP Blueprint.

I did gave more time to get more participants but no one else took action!

So I decided to give the only two participants the same reward as they are both winners and their splash pages are cool so I will be adding all of them for some variety and everyone can use them, test them, and if possible give me some feedback about them!

So, thank you so much @russellstockley and @scottrohn and congrats!

I will be sending you 200 CTP Tokens each after posting this :)

If you both be so kind to send your creations through Telegram I appreciate it!

Speaking of creations, here they are:

From Russell:




From Scott:



We have a bit for all tastes :)

Thank you so much again Russell and Scott for participating!

Hope I come up with other challenges soon!

Engaging is rewarding!

Happy Friday!


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👋 Hi @elianaicgomes, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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Aw thank you so much! I just have a Canva addiction lol and the participants of the contest I threw last week have good touch too :)

Great work gentlemen! The splash pages look nice.

They look awesome, and sorry for not participating Eliana, keep up your awesome work.

It's ok Erik I know you already have a lot in your plate at the moment! Thank you!


Thanks Eliana - i will possibly work on a couple more as the above were done rather hurriedly :) have sent the files to you

Thank you so much Russ you rock!

Congratulations. Sorry I am so slow getting one done.

That's alright it's a challenge for a reason or it wouldn't be as fun if it was easy lol
Thank you!