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Hello everyone,

Just a quick notice that the new community for search engine optimization training and updates, social media marketing, and general digital marketing topics is now live on Steemit using the new community feature.

For those using the Steemit site to earn Steem Cryptocurrency as well as CTPTalk, you will love groups.

In the past, there was a system of topics set by a hashtag that could range all over the place, mostly random one-word tags that left lots of posts you would have loved simply out of reach. Communities like groups on other sites or categories on Reddit you can stay organized by topic and collection with new post hitting their best-targeted audience. is our SEO Group

Be sure to join it if you have your own blog, even if it is a free blog where you still don't fully benefit from SEO the things you can learn about content creation and general search marketing are priceless, especially once you make the trip to a self-hosted blog.

I am currently trying to raise enough Steem 3.0 to create a second community on blogs and blogging or home business reviews. I would love to get feedback on which direction would gain the most traction and be of the largest benefit to the community as a whole. I am also wondering if the Communities feature will develop its way into the CTPTalk platform as well soon. I would absolutely love it if this happened.

Again, the SEO Community is at

Please join the community and tell your followers what we are starting to do there. Let's go viral with great information sharing. Learn something every day, teach what you learn, and apply what you know. Success follows.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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I joined! SEO is always going to be important if you want to be found and want your business to be found on the Internet.

Great that you have made that community Andy, SEO is very important to be seen all over the internet.

I also wanted to tell you about a few SEO options on Steem, so the tags act as keywords and for categorization, and for this purpose only the first 5 tags count with the first being the most important.

As for more advanced options Steemit is not ideal, but there is another interface called Steempeak which has a wide array of more advanced tools, just to name a few relating to SEO then you can set a custom description for each post that gets seen in search engines, you can include meta tags for images, and you can adjust the url to your liking so it's more readable and pretty, plus many more.

Steempeak also enables you to save post templates that you can use to make it easier if you have say a footer that you are always including in each post, plus you can also schedule the posts to be published at a specific time and create several posts in advance.

Steempeak also has Steem communities fully integrated, and also with more features compared to Steemit.

If you want to have your own domain on Steem you can do this with Engrave, you buy a domain from a registrar and adjust the DNS settings when you set it all up, I made a complete blog series about Engave which you can check out here,

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

You are Awesome, thanks for the advice I will check it out later when I have more time.

Glad I could help, have an awesome day.

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