I believe selecting the correct mentor is critical.

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Here are the five qualities to look at when choosing a mentor.

1.The must already be getting the results you desire. Many “gurus” and “experts” do not get the results they claim or that you desire. They will continue to try to just sell more crap products to people.

  1. The must be willing to spend sometime with you.
    Some people have zero interest in spending time helping others. In the defense of mentors, you must be doing what you have been instructed to do to expect them to spend time with you.

  2. Committed - A true mentor will be committed to long term success. Yours & Theirs

  3. Must be Honest - Of course, honest in business. But I and actually referring to how they interact with you.
    Sometimes people need a kick in the butt, or an honest critique is required. Mentors must be honest over nice.

  4. A solid fit for you personality. People are different, and relate differently with other types of folks/
    If it is a man/woman thing or a talker/non-talker thing. It is critical that the communication is effective.
    A mentor is not meant to be a friend.
    A mentor is not meant to inspire or make you feel good.
    A mentor is meant to help you attain the success you wish, they are to steer you and your business in the right direction.

Choose Wisely!


Fantastic advice.

I keep trying to make mine blush. I don't even know if @jongolson knows he is my mentor. But I appointed him. Lol

All seriousness, I been following him for years now and have learned so much. I do not believe I would be doing what I am doing online today if I never met him.

He continues to inspire me every day with his dedication to what he does, the ideas he comes up with.

Nothing stops him. Like the Phoenix he is.

Thanks for the post and causing me to write this reply.


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following JonGo and being the purple elephant is a solid path

Thanks 👍

ha ha ha ha thanks man, appreciate the kind words and all the support.

Phoenix....More like a stubborn mule LOL

Hahahahahahaha now that is a mental hahahahahahaha

JonGo the Mule
made me laugh
kinda like the donkey from shrek but not as funny- but can talk nonstop for an hour

This is some great guidance for choosing a mentor, Andrew. I have found some really great mentorship in the CTP community. For a very long time I thought I could get by just trying to figure things out on my own because I didn't think that mentorship was important enough to invest in. I have changed my thinking on that. Even though I am not paying alot at all moneywise I am getting great value and I know that I still have to follow through on the advice that I am getting. Which I am doing. Mentors are there to teach and guide you not to tell you that everything you're doing is awesome when it's clearly not.

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Ha ha ha we come full circle. You, too, girl. Have FUN :) 💛

Hey Jenn!
Thanks and have a great Sunday and week ahead! Busy preparing for Christmas and trying to get online work done too. 💜
Take Care and Hugs!

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Hello, @misterengagement!You're welcome and Thank You!

The community is helpful and encouraging. and being engaged with other folks will increase your own personal knowledge and experience. tighten up the numbers and look for a mastermind group. U can crush it with a handful like minded committed people

I am doing that in the CTP Inner Circle. My interview series project (My 1440) was born in there. Speaking of which, when can I get you on my calendar for an interview? Let's set something up.

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I'm thankful for my TWO mentors. They are willing to spend time with me, they are honest. Yes, they have kicked me in the seat of my pants many times. Yes, both have great success, over 20 years online. When instructed to do a task, I'm trying to get it done as fast as possible. I know they have my best interest in mind. They really do want to see me succeed.

Thanks for this great advice about selecting a good mentor @andrewn, you always want to follow someone who has done it already, keep up your good work, it's awesome.

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