My quest begins

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Everyday I see posts about goals & challenges, most days I think I should start one.
Post everyday?? yea I know me better than that.
Videos or Iamalive, or luke eh, just was not that appealing.

In December I hear one that sound attractive.
@jongolson & @taskmaster4450 was having a chat on a webinar on a Monday night.
taskmaster said if you could make 500 comments, actual, good thoughtful comments, you have no idea where that will take on this blockchain (or something similar). Thought it was a fascinating principle.
Most people focus on getting interaction on their own posts, what would happens if I focus on interaction with other folks posts?

I will paraphrase Charles Haanel to say if you are not going to complete a task,
it is better to not start.
That is why it now February and I am now ready to complete it.
The plan is 500 comments in 90 days.
The goal is 500 comments, period.
Starting today on Super Bowl Sunday 02/07.

I am looking forward to the things I will learn & the people will meet.
I have noted all my numbers just to see what impact this has as far as balances.
The only number that matters is the 500.

Off to read and get to commenting.
Look forward to reading your post too.


Engagement is what makes this platform fun and productive for me. I plan to be providing you with things to comment on.

productive and fun are good things to find her.
Hope to see some for you shortly.


Here's a tip to help you get started man...Keep crushing it and 500 is the destination ;)

Thanks Jongo.
To the 500.....

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