There is a reason for this post

in #ctptalk2 years ago

I am not sure if I should be doing this blog post or not but I am sure @jongolson will let me know.

Crypto trading, to be more specific CTP token trading. I have always played with trading newish coins/tokens. And I just started to do it with my fav token. CTPTOKEN.

Things are just getting started with CTP really. And right now there is about a 3 to 1 spread between buy and sell, that is if volume happens.

This is not advice, just my thoughts.

Why am I doing this post. To help drive traffic to #ctptalk. Make people aware of the tribe. And let you know what I think is a great thing.

So the reach of this post is aimed at traders but hoping you will come over to the tribe. Find out what we are all about and maybe just maybe make some profit.



Good luck trading Bradley, I hope you will make a profit from that, I just HODL, trading has never been my thing, stay awesome.