Congrats To JUNE Top Surfers 2020

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JUNE 2020

1st Place $0.50 #241 Olexandr Zhelizny
2nd Place $0.40 #132 Isabel Barata

3rd Place $0.30 #265 Vicky Allison
4th Place $0.20 #104 Paula Paraschiv

5th Place $0.10 #103 Joseantonio Morenofernandez
6th Place $0.05 #46 Constance Harrison

7th Place $0.05 #263 Saksit Sunkarom
8th Place $0.05 #280 Pangko Dama

9th Place $0.05 #119 Angela Doorn
10th Place $0.05 #116 Christian GARAU

*(Means all Accounts Have Been Updated and Credited)

So Congrats to all of you Surfers that have made this months Top 10.

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Thanks for Stopping By and Reading about this Months Top Surfers, Why Not Comment and give them a shout out.
Aaron Green
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