I An Engaged Challenge" Day 1

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OK, So I am not one that writes much about thought that after reading a few post on "I An Engaged Challenge " Thought I would give this a Shot.

So I have Read and Upvoted and Commented on These 5 Posts. This should be interesting and Fun at the same time to Help Build your Networks as well. You Never Know who you will meet when you do something like this.

I might not Be able to get this done everyday but I will try to get it done a few times a week and hope that it becomes a daily routine for me in the future.

My 5 Posts that I have Upvoted and Commented on are

Until the Next One have a Great Day.


Thank you for including me. I think this could be interesting & if we all put our own spin on it to make it unique, who knows what can happen? I am doing mine about twice a week or so. Lol

Have a great night Aaron! 🧚🙌😊💜

Thanks for the Comment. Yes everyone has a different point of view and it should be a great way to see what happens.

Thank you for joining my challenge and upvoting my post

It Was a Honor and your welcome, Have a Great Night

Hi Aaron

Thanks for including my link in your post

I believe as Pixie say's if we put our own spin on it then this could be quite a good feature

Just remember to take you inspiration from something you read, expand on it in your post and then link to some other takes on the same or just posts that tickle your fancy

If you put actual post links as opposed to authors then you will be taking people to the direct post, which inspires you, that lets us know more about you and more about them :)

Your Welcome Russell , Yes Pixie has a Great Point and I am making use of everything I learn from everyone I meet out here.

Thanks :)

Hi Aaron, great to see another TE admin here, Great post and keep up the good work. :)

Thanks for the Comment Daniel I am always looking for Newer Promo's Hit me up sometime. Have a Great Weekend.

Sure anytime, Are you on Telegram?