Nov 2020 Top Surfer Winners at Taxi Cab Hits

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Top 10 Surfers Nov 2020

1st #46 Constance Harrison $.50
2nd #265 Vicky Allison $0.40

3rd #327 Andrei Lenuta $0.30
4th #23 John Priestley $0.20

5th #374 Neetu Mehta $0.10
6th #390 MarriaNoemi Tan $0.05

7th #78 Asy Darakchieva $0.05
8th #363 Eleanor Untalan $0.05

9th #103 Joseantonio Morenofernandez $0.05
10th #224 Barry Bogart $0.05

I am Planning on Changing Prizes Up in the New Year and Looking for Suggestions on what you might like to see.
Would you like to see only 5 Top Prizes with a little Bigger Reward ?

Would You like to see Credits, Banners and Texts Ads Included in Prizes?

Would you like to See a Start Page Offered?

Give Me some Idea's on what you would like to see as a Top Monthly Prize.


Aaron Green

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