Scavenger Hunt Tips You Need To know

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Hello Everyone do you like CTP Scavenger Hunts?

CTP is got it going on!!! with the Scavenger Hunts, But wait are you New or have you been around for a while. I bet if your New you don't know how to get the most out of your surfing? Do Ya?

Well I can Help with that if you would like.

Do you surf 1 site at a Time and waist all your time ? or Do you surf all of them? Wait What did you say surf them all. Yes Surf them all and I will tell you just how to do it too.

First thing you want to do is get all your sites for the Scavenger hunt set up and logged in.
Then you want to set them up from the lowest time to the highest time going from left to right. or how many pages you must surf before you find Luke the List Builder.

So for today 7-30-2020 the sites are Below if you are not a Member please feel free to use my referral links.
The Gauntlet Must surf 20 Pages Must Surf 43 Pages Must Surf 47 Pages Must Surf 80 Pages Must Surf 81 Pages

So when you start keep your eyes on the sites you are surfing when you get near where Luke the List Builder is stop surfing until you get to that site you need to find him. This will cut back on your time surfing.

Start one what ever site it says Luke is at then surf all the sites. but like I said if you know how many pages you need to surf it will make it that much easier for you to get the Scavenger Hunts Done.

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Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire


I am new and never hunt will try....
Thanks for sharing.....

Thanks for the Comment Guurry, it's a Great way to build Credits to get your sites seen on other sites as you are having some fun Looking for Luke.

Good tip Aaron, I have been doing this for a while now, I don't surf all the sites at once but I do surf 2-3 of them at a time to cut down on the time it takes to complete all 5. I know when the new version of CTP comes out that you will be able to claim all 5 in any order so this will be even easier then.

Thanks Michael for the comment, Yes some people will get overwhelmed if they surf more then 5 sites at a time. It all depends on how fast your computer is and how you feel on surfing more sites at a time.

Yes, i also surf all the sites at the same time.
But, it becomes tricky when there are more than 5 sites on the Luke page
or one of the site is included twice in the hunt (start and end of the hunt)

Also to note that the order to surf the sites change after a period of time.
For me on the same date (30/07), i had to surf Gauntlet twice.

But the technique you mention, helps to save time.

Thanks for the Comment Farhad, Yes I have noticed that too a few times that you surf the same site twice, But the way I mentioned it works with just about any Events that you surf.

What an awesome idea thanks so much this will help me a lot.

I am glad I could Help you Sheila, I have been using this method for a long time and figured it was a Great way to let other knows.

That is a great tip, but how do you know what sites are in the scavenger hunt before you surf? The first one appears when you start the challenge, but how do you know what is next?


Hello Steven, That is a Great Point how do I know. We all know if you look at the Scavenger Hunt Page it tells us where all the places are that have the Scavenger hunt by the star that is placed on each Country. Then just click on the stars and it tells you where that site will be and how many pages you have to surf to find Luke,

that is another good tip did not know there were stars on the ones coming up now the hunt will be even easier without guessing

It's always a good thing to diversify your traffic! Different TEs, different audiences...


Yep That is True, Thanks for the Comment.

Nice tips Aaron, that sure saves time, and also do check out the #LukeIsAlive contest that I run on the @lukeisalive account, you make a daily post about your hunt and win daily and weekly prizes.

Thanks for the Comment Erik, and I will check it out.


The tip about surfing multiple sites is a good one. One thing you might want to include is how you find all five TEs for the day before starting. Since Luke tells you which site is next (and how many pages you need to surf) when you find him, where should people look in order to find that information ahead of time?

Hello Garrey, Yes if you are trying to Plan out your Day on surfing for the Scavenger Hunts You just need to go to the Scavenger Hunt Page and look for all the stars on the map, if the stars are there click on them and it will tell you what site Luke will be at sometime with in that day. the Country that Luke is on is where is it at at that moment in time. Hope this helps. Have a Great Day. and Thanks for the Comment.

Good information. Keep on keeping on.

Yep Thanks for the Comment Keep Moving Forward.

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Wow! Nice tip esp for those who are new to CTP. Congrats on being featured on the wheel of engagement! Happy weekend!

Thanks for the Comment Rosyel, Yes it will be a Great Deal of Help for the New CTP Members. and Thanks for the info on me being in the Wheel of engagement.

Thanks for the Comment Rosyel, Yes it will be a Great Deal of Help for the New CTP Members. and Thanks for the info on me being in the Wheel of engagement.

Thanks for sharing your tips with community.

Hello Saachi, Thanks for the Comment and if I have some Awesome Tips I will share them.

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, Aaron. I do surf a few sites at the same time as @maddogmike does, but it didn't dawn on me to set the ones with the longer timers down to the shorter ones. That makes a lot of sense.

Have an awesome weekend & thanks again :)

Thanks for the Comment Jenn, Yes if you want to get the most out of your surfing always stick your timer at about the same or 1 sec off this way when you get to the next Site that timer has already finished.

yep I am already doing it. Surfing them all then keep an eye out for number of pages needed. It so cuts down on my time taken. unless luke throws me a curve ball.

Hello Bonnie, Yes it does help when you are surfing a lot of pages, and to keep your eyes open because yes Luke Can Throw us a Curve Ball once in a while . Thanks for the Comment.

That's a nice tip Aaron! Been neglecting the Scavenger Hunts but hope to have a bit more time for them next month!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the Comment Eliana, Yes I too neglected it for a while until I had an ah- ha moment lol. You as well enjoy your weekend.

This is interesting! I have been doing hunts since ctp started, however, I didn't know that you could know what sites were in the hunt before you start. I must try this out, but how do you know which sites to surf?

Hello Successchar, Yes when you login to ctp go to Scavenger Hunt look at the Map and all the sites with Stars are the sites for the Day, what ever Country Luke is currently on is where he will be, you will not know the exact site that he will be on next , the key is to get your sites you are surfing as close to the pages you need to be so that when its time you can surf 1 or 2 pages to find him at the next site.

Thanks for the explination, I must use this tip.

great tips for the scavenger hunt I do surf multiple sites that i guess are going to be in the scavenger hunt or are usually in the hunt everyday sometimes i get a surprise and there is a different te once in awhile

Thanks for the Comment Howard, Yes they do Change Daily as I have them in my site from time to time.

Thanks for the awesome tip Aaron @greensempire! I have for a long time used Tab Accelerator to surf multiple sites but never applied it to the Scavenger Hunts. I will do that soon. One other thing that I thought that would help save time is like you said stop surfing all the sites just before the page that Luke is supposed to be found on. Then you go to The CTP Extra Drop Down Menu to see which site Luke is currently at. When you find Luke you receive a clickable banner that lets you know where to go next. This will be fun!

Thanks for the Comment Ken, Yes you get it , Makes it a whole lot easier for you to earn Credits as well. Also if you are surfing those sites you might want to see if one or two of them have Team Surfing for sites you are on and earn some extra points for your team as well. Have a Great weekend.

Nice tip. Been surfing them 1 by one, but combining with other surf promo and some other sites i surf daily.

Hello Christian Thanks for the Comment, I have done that a long time ago too. but I tend to surf any where from 5 to 10 sites or more at a time. Depending on timers and what I am doing.

Thanks for the information Aaron! I didn't know you could surf all the sites at the same time in the Scavenger Hunt. How do I do that?

Hello Lisa Thanks for the Comment. Yes you can but have to be careful of the Timers you want to make sure you have all the sites up in your browser and make sure you know how many pages you need to surf. Then surf and keep track of where Luke is surfing and then when you are getting close on the other sites stop surfing until you get Luke found at the main site he is at.