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OK, so I did some Split Testing last month on the 2 New Pages I have Created to Help me Build my list for Members looking for Click Track Profit Badges.

This Test is From Aug 1st 2020 to Aug 31st 2020 and This is the Break Down of what I have gotten I don't think that I have them both on all month more like the first week for page one and 2nd week for page 2.

This is the First Split Test Page I have done https://clicktrackprofit.com/v2/page/583?srtrkdm=www.trker.com&srtrkid=117167
I got 6 Sign Ups
I set it up in the Gauntlet and got 836 Ratings and 33 Reviews and 4 and a half stars.
Total Hits in hits Connect was 4296 Unique Hits 2083 with 60 Sites Tracking that link.

This is the second Splite Test page I have done https://clicktrackprofit.com/v2/page/588?srtrkdm=www.trker.com&srtrkid=118668
I got 1 Sign up
I set it up in the Gauntlet and got 506 Ratings and 23 Reviews and 4 and a half stars.
Total Hits in hits connect was 2890 Unique Hits1391 with 51 sites tracking this link.

I did not put a lot of effort in to this as I wanted as I had to work offline more then normal, and this was only 1 of many Tests I was working on.

So I will take something and change it up on my page that did the least for me and see if I can do Some Better Results this month. I don't want to do too much , maybe change up a font or color of something.

If you would like to No more about Tracking and are not a Member of https://hitsconnect.com/?rid=45827 Please Feel free to Sign up under me and get a hold of me and I will be more then happy to help you with any Questions you might have.

Thanks for Stopping By and Checking out this Post on Split Testing.

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Aaron Green

Skype: greensempire

Telegram: greensempire


Well that's cool I could I could do a test to see how many hits but that would be because I would have to go put credits on him but I wouldn't know about sign ups to through his connect you better believe that easy business building which I've been upgraded for two years has a tracking thing also and so much more but that yeah good idea

Thanks for the Comment, Yes Tracking from any program is a Good Thing. As long as you know where your Traffic is coming from you can tell where you need to add more Credits because You know you are getting sign ups from those places.

I don't know what to say

The first one looks OK, and the green color on the second one is killing my brain... :) It could be a monitor issue, but it's like fluorescent on mine... :)

Thanks for the Comment , It's good to get feedback like that. it's a kind of green background but didn't think it was fluorescent lol

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