Start Pages Do They Work?

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Hello Everyone, hope your day is going great and you are very productive. Today is about Start pages and do they work?
Do You Know what a Start Page is?
It's the First Page that you see on all Traffic Exchanges you Surf.

How Much is that Worth To you? It Depends on what you are Promoting.
If you are promoting a standard page not so much. (Building someone else List)
If you are Promoting a Lead Capture Page then it would Be worth it. ( Building your List)

Have you Ever Bought or Use a Starting Page?
If you have did you use a standard page or a Lead Capture Page?
What was your Result Good or Bad?

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the start page is -

Thanks for the Comment Farhad, That is today's Starting page.

Get page

Thanks for the Comment and letting me know what was the Start Page you saw.

I have never really used start pages before though I do see the value in them. Todays start pages were:

Thanks for the Comment Michael, They can be a Great Resource for your List building if you give the a chance.

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