Winners of get some Free Tokens

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I would Like to Thank Everyone for Taken Part in Surfing on Friday for Get some Free Tokens.
I was going to Give 3 Top Surfers a Prize with some CTPM Tokens or something else. After a Day of having some Issues I finally got the Tokens Sent out to the Winners.


There where 2 Rules to this Event you had to have your Usernames entered into your Profile at Taxi Cab Hits.

  1. You Had to Be a Member of Click Track Profit
  2. You had to have a Hive Account

So with the Awesome Out Come we only Had 2 Members that Entered there Usernames in the profile in taxi cab hits.

  1. #306 farhad Kias imfarhad 3 CTPM
  2. #308 Michael Camire bizventures 2 CTPM

What do you think of These Rewards , would you like to see something like this again?
Would you like to see another Token given as a Reward?

Remember to Keep your Links Loaded with Credits so you can get the most out of your Advertisments at Taxi Cab Hits.
If you are Not a Member and would like to take Part in our Next Awesome Give Away Sometime Soon
Join here ---->

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Aaron Green
Skype: greensempire
Telegram: greensempire


hi Aaron,

Thank you for the CTPM tokens.
And Yes, please do this events regularly.


Thanks for taken Part and we should be doing another one soon. maybe with a Different Token you never know.

Great effort sir for token