Wow set up funding source

in #ctptalklast year

So set up my funding source so that I can figure out how to purchase @ctp tokens and such. It took me about 2hrs to get through the process. Glad that it is finally done. I do not believe that I am great at creating content for @ctptalk. Any way just an update as to working on some steps in @ctptalk in @ctp. I think that I will go to sleep now and check back in on it tomorrow.


It is great @salexa5 that you are working hard at it. It all becomes easier the more you are here. I have written and many others that you do not have to be a great content creator to be here. Just be here, everyday! :)


good advice to be here every day but sometimes I can't. I know I'd like to be but some things come up and I don't get in. Some days I can't even get online.

Thanks so much@bradleyarrow. I will always try.

Hey that's great that you got it started. I'm sure it took me way more than 2 hours to figure out and start one account at one site to buy BTC but I did get to buy some and then had to wait I think 2 weeks to send the little bit of BTC to my Steem-wallet account to buy the Steem with, then after I got the Steem I could buy CTP with that Steem. It does seem like a long drawn out process but I think it's worth it. Trying to be patient now and let it accumulate. The more you post here on any of the steem blogs, the more you will earn in CTP or other crypto depending on which thing you're logged in when you post. You do not have to post from only the ctptalk part.

Hey thanks for the advice @busylion. So glad to have the account set up now have to figure out how to purchase btc , then to buy steem. Grateful to be working it step by step.

glad you are figuring things out

yes@howyf2 Glad to be improving myself, and going through the steps.