@miti Curation Project goes live again, but it will not support authors who voted for sock puppet witnesses.

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After analyzing all events concerning Steem Blockchain and after "reliable Witnesses", with the help of the Steem Community, has managed to stop the hostile takeover of the Blockchain, I thought it was time that @miti Curation Project goes live again!

However, the hostilities has not stopped and the future of our blockchain is not yet safe.. Not while JS clarify what he intends to do with his Stake and with the development of the Blockchain.

Precisely for this reason I decided I will not support users who voted for sock puppet witnesses and there's a reason for that.
I think that this users do not really care about the future of Steem but only cared about money, just like Justin Sun.

This stance is not a decision to be taken lightly but "in war", you have to make the hard choices.

Well, I'm not backing off.

I just have to remind you to vote for REAL witnesses NOW! The future of STEEM is in our hands!

Here is a list of links to vote for OUR TRUSTED top 30 witnesses directly with steemconnect.

Please remember you can vote up to 30 witnesses and please... don't vote for witnesses who run version 0.22.5 (SOCK PUPPET WITNESSES).

Now there’s no more excuses: do your duty and save STEEM blockchain together!!

  1. VOTE FOR ---> @roelandp
  2. VOTE FOR ---> @yabapmatt
  3. VOTE FOR ---> @good-karma
  4. VOTE FOR ---> @themarkymark
  5. VOTE FOR ---> @anyx
  6. VOTE FOR ---> @someguy123
  7. VOTE FOR ---> @blocktrades
  8. VOTE FOR ---> @ausbitbank
  9. VOTE FOR ---> @cervantes
  10. VOTE FOR ---> @gtg
  11. VOTE FOR ---> @thecryptodrive
  12. VOTE FOR ---> @drakos
  13. VOTE FOR ---> @steempress
  14. VOTE FOR ---> @therealwolf
  15. VOTE FOR ---> @followbtcnews
  16. VOTE FOR ---> @lukestokes.mhth
  17. VOTE FOR ---> @emrebeyler
  18. VOTE FOR ---> @aggroed
  19. VOTE FOR ---> @steempeak
  20. VOTE FOR ---> @ocd-witness
  21. VOTE FOR ---> @abit
  22. VOTE FOR ---> @curie
  23. VOTE FOR ---> @stoodkev
  24. VOTE FOR ---> @jesta
  25. VOTE FOR ---> @liondani
  26. VOTE FOR ---> @netuoso
  27. VOTE FOR ---> @pharesim
  28. VOTE FOR ---> @arcange
  29. VOTE FOR ---> @riverhead
  30. VOTE FOR ---> @busy.witness

Either PROXY some trusted user like @theycallmedan:

or @steemleo:

In this way you will vote your witnesses in safe mode (steemconnect).

Feel free to resteem: "united we stand, divided we fall"!

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