What does Spa Therapy and Online Customer Service have in common?

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Hello Buzzy Bees!

Let me kickstart this post with a story...

I had a big variety of grumpy clients, but there was one who affected me so much to a point to hide myself in the bathroom to cry!

My co-worker was so worried that asked if it was better to ask someone else to do it.

I said no. "I have the power to make him less grumpy at least"!

His energy during his stay at the spa including the massage was pretty heavy to my heart to keep my tears flowing but I stayed strong and always showed him a smile from start to finish! Not because "the client is always right", but because there's so much negativity and frustration - and even more today -, that the least I could do was keep smiling and give the best service I could give!

The client was from "you are lucky I'm not going to complaint about you to the manager because my wife asked me to" to " that was the best massages I had in a while".

So...what does this have to do with online costumer service?

The power is in your smile and in your hands!

The way you write to others may change people's hearts even when you feel that it wasn't good enough!

Even if you think you don't have the best writing skills or English is not your main language, if you are genuine and want to help people with all your heart, even the grumpiest of grumpies will relax and feel better and hopefully thank you for your service!

Show your smile through your words!

Is the most rewarding thing :)

As now part of the Costumer Support Team at Affiliatech, @clicktrackprofit, that's my goal to each ticket that I came across! People are ruthless and sometimes they aren't right, but always keep smiling! Probably it won't work to everyone but move on and keep going!

Thank you so much for reading!

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You done great post Eliana and yeah i agrie,a lot diffrent people out there and everyone takes something diffrent...but we can do best for those around us.

Well said!
Just stay true to you and stand in your belief in spread positivity and helping people!

I hope

Not sure yet if posted before. But Great and I mean it. I know you're have much success

So true ! It's hard to imagine you not smiling, Eliana. You track has been one of joy and cheerfulness to follow eversince I met you on the net.
I paid the price for not being able to smile on the phone when I didn't feel like it... but that was the world of transport, one you can't do without indulgence. And one-way indulgence has never really been my sport... Looks like I'm doing a little better in writing though :)
Anyway, keep sending the good waves ! Thanks for being YOU :) 👍👍👍

Aw, thank you so much, Chris!
There are some jobs more challenging than others, but I'm sure you did your best!
Happy to share good vibes with everyone 😊

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Oh how true this is! Positivity goes a long way - it goes back to that concept of being proactive instead of reactive! I remember this from my hotel days....

Customer service isn't easy but can be rewarding when you can help someone. As frustrating as some situations can be at times, when you approach the person with a kinder and more positive energy, it can really shift their perspective. A lot of the time the person's frustrations aren't even with you directly, just the situation they are going through.

Good post, Sis! Story time is always fun :) 💜

When I was working in a retail store was a bit difficult sometimes in some situations especially when I was the first and the last person that customers see as the cashier lol I believe I saw a bit of everything! At the spa was a bit easier because I had the power to calm them down with the massage ahaha
Now I have to channel that power through writing support tickets 🤣
Thank you for your comment Sis 💜

Sorry about the grumpy client @elianaicgomes, but great that you handled it all with a smile, and I know you will do the same in CTP, good luck on your new job, it's awesome.

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Thank you so much Mister Awesome 😁

That's a great lesson, Eliana! I have been in so many customer support related positions in my lifetime and always did my best to make sure they leave happier than when they came in!

That is the spirit! It's hard sometimes but we need to keep up!
Thank you for your comment 💜

Sometimes people are not nice and you are right that we must keep on smiling. I try to remember that if I cant find something nice to say I just don't speak at all. You are amazing keep up the good work, and congratulations on your new position.

Thank you for your kind words!
Appreciate it!
Just keep smiling :)


I think I remember this story from before... And you are right... There is no negative thing that can't be beaten by positivity... (Probably because of that, in most of the movies good beats bad... :) )

Thanks for sharing your personal story...

Yeah probably I already talked about it...was not so long after I get back to work last year and it was a bit ugly for something simple...people like to complicate lol
Thank you for your comment :)

Thanks a lot for sharing this story. I believe that whatever job we do, we can always try to do it in the best way. With a smile and with positive energy. Whether we are cleaning bathrooms or whether we are a hedgefund manager, it's the how we do our job that matters. In my offline activity our company policy is to welcome everybody and always try to make them have a nice time with us. By staying positive and smiling we make their day better and ours as well.

So many facts right there!
Thank you so much for your input, is good to know that I'm on the right path 😉

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