A New, Improved and More Decentralized Approach to Curating | The Daily Leo #43

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Thanks again to the wizardry of SteemLeo team member @gerber, we now have a better process for curating posts to be featured in The Daily Leo. Since we've just started The Daily Leo up again, here's a little reminder of how it works (with a few of our latest iterations that make it better):

If you post from the https://steemleo.com interface and your content meets our guidelines, it is eligible to be featured in The Daily Leo. Being featured here earns you beneficiary rewards in both LEO and STEEM. Additionally, you'll also receive upvotes from our @leo.voter curation account, which holds close to 100,000 SP as of today.

The new posting schedule for The Daily Leo is every other day. Our new process for curation is a nomination system through our discord channel:

Posts that are made through https://steemleo.com are automatically streamed to the #steemleo-post-stream channel in our discord. The curators can then type the command ^nom to nominate a post for The Daily Leo. After that, we curate the post and if it meets our content guidelines, then it gets featured in the next Daily Leo. It's a great process and far more decentralized than when we previously did this newsletter.

In other news, we've got 2 massive updates coming to the SteemLeo website in the next week and I'm stoked about it. Keep your eyes peeled for those 🦁

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Join Me In SteemLeo's Crypto Fantasy League For Week 10 & For A Chance To Win An Extra 200 Leo...On Me


SteemLeo curator @rollandthomas is running a competition within the Crypto Fantasy League discord game on the SteemLeo server. If you play for the first time and win, he'll send you an extra 200 LEO! Check out his post for more details.

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Libra dead or alive? What about Walmart Coin?


It seems every major corporation is trying to dip their toes in the crypto sand. @shortsegments writes about Libra's latest rollercoaster events and a potential Walmart coin.

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The Business of Residual Income - Steemit Blockchain in View


@fiicjames talks residual income and cash flow as a blogger and investor on the Steem blockchain. There's a lot to wrap your head around when it comes to earning revenue on Steem, but with enough time, patience and guidance, you can make something truly special here on the blockchain.

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SM Breaks the Bank, again. Season's Monster Dividents just In!


If you aren't careful, Splinterlands can eat up your entire budget of liquid capital on the Steem blockchain. @ange.nkuru talks dividends with the latest season and how buying cards is breaking the bank!

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Reporte de curación - Día 16 de Octubre


@erarium puts out their latest curation report. In case you didn't know, the Erarium project does a great deal to help curate Spanish content within the SteemLeo community.

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all of our LEO author/curation rewards on this post are permanently burned from the token supply

#steemleo - A Next-Generation Community for Investors


Post from https://steemleo.com and earn additional rewards from the SteemLeo community:

  • Chance to get featured in The Daily Leo and earn beneficiary rewards
  • Upvote from our native content curation account --> @leo.voter
  • Support the LEO token by viewing ads on our site. All the revenue is used to buy LEO and send it to null.


Great work from @gerber!
Curation is the name of the game and this process will imporove it a lot for the Steemleo community.

Quality posts from Steemleo interface will be easier to find and reward.

Great to see the innovation that is taking place on here. It is amazing what a few dedicated people with creative ideas who are determined to grow the prosperity for all can do in a short period of time.

SteemLeo is one of the leading tribes (if not the leading one) for a reason. This place might be few in number but it is large in innovation. It is evident there are many people spending a lot of time coming up with ideas that will radically alter the path we are on and making SteemLeo even more attractive to those who love investing.

The march goes on.

I gotta admit, I'm stocked to be included in this list, saying it's motivating would be an understatement. Cheers for the mention, and keep doing what you do, we appreciate.

In other news, we've got 2 massive updates coming to the SteemLeo

God, please stop with all this teasing ! Now i can't wait to see what you guys are up to !

The good news just keeps coming. :)