LeoDex, Black Swans, Good Karma and Investing in Steem | The Daily Leo #45

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Adding the Leo Dex has been awesome. We're really happy with the response from the community and it's just the beginning. This is version 1.0 for the exchange interface. Many more features and innovations will come that interface and make it easier than ever to trade and manage your SE tokens, deposits & withdrawals and eventually: SMTs.

3 tribes have already burned 1250 LEO each to get listed on the DEX. We're already in talks with a few more tribes who will be added this week. If you're an SE token owner, consider listing on the LeoDex!

On a separate note, the daily unique authors posting from the https://steemleo.com interface is rising steadily. Alongside that steady increase is a continually rising stream of income for the #steemleo community from the coinzilla ad displays on both the main interface and the exchange interface. This is providing SteemLeo with a steady stream of revenue that plays hand-in-hand with the LEO price.

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Steemleo Launches Steem-Engine Exchange


@taskmaster4450 covers the latest news for our tribe and gives his thoughts on the DEX and other developments in the #steemleo community.

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A list of possible Black Swans - Part 1


@culgin starts a new series to discuss some ideas he has regarding upcoming events. Taleb is one of my favorite authors and the idea of Black Swan events has become a cornerstone in the way I approach investing in macroeconomic situations. This is a really fantastic post. One of the best that I have read in a long-time. Check it out and give @culgin a follow so you can catch the upcoming posts in this series.

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It could have happened to anyone...


What would you do if you found hundreds of dollars just lying there on the ground? Would you pick it up and run? Good karma always rolls its way around. Maybe we'll see a positive tick in the Steem price thanks to the good deeds of @mindtrap ;)

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@tarazkp always has a certain poetic je ne sais quoi to his steem posts. It's fun to read them and he always leaves you with a mixture of inspiration, entertainment and a point to deeply reflect upon -- if you're open to it. In this post, he talks about investing time, money and passion in Steem. Will you be an agent of evolution or a victim of nature?

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STEEM - What exactly we have to offer in comparison to other projects out there?


@ocupation weighs the pros and cons of Steem and begs the question: what does Steem offer that other blockchains do not? There are some issues on Steem, but ultimately, this blockchain offers quite a few features for a diverse set of people.

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Nice to see the tokens being added to the LeoDEX just after 24-48 and additional ad revenue, which means the Leo supply will continue to decrease a bit faster.

It’s a fantastic response! I think we’ll see a lot more tokens getting listed as new features are implemented. The interface is actually pretty limited in its current form. But it’s fast, mobile friendly and nice to look at 🦁

The burn rate only seems to be accelerating.

This is one reason why LEO is going to be one of the best tokens to hold.

Expanding user base, more features, and tightening token float.

Could you elaborate a bit more on what makes Leo DEX an actual dex please?

It’s a front end interface that facilitates a decentralized exchange of tokens between users using Steem Engine’s backend code.

DEX can be defined in different levels. If you’re thinking of a pure DEX in the sense that the front end and back end are completely decentralized and have no central ownership, then neither leodex nor Steem Engine qualify under those standards.

SE (and other large exchanges) define themselves as a DEX because they are facilitating peer to peer transfers.

Steem engine is totally centralized... You're either running a DEX or you don't, there's no middle ground

If there isn’t a middle ground, then 99% of the “DEX”’s that exist today aren’t really a DEX.

As far as I’m concerned, leodex doesn’t handle user funds. Calling it an exchange would be innaccurate. Thus, it’s an interface to a separate backend, however you want to define it.

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Maybe it will be later... they are thinking towards the future. :)

Somewhat false advertisement then, no?

Many thanks for the mention!

I really appreciate all the information I get to read in the posts and I usually learn something from each one. I also like the graphics on this post, makes me want to create my own lion divider for my posts :-)

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